Friday, 5 October 2012

"We're all in this together"

Now, I know quoting High School Musical as the title of this week’s piece is surely a sin but it's probably one of the more famous musicals, after Grease. And this week is all about musical music (I can hear Belle cheering from here.) Also, I've spent the majority of this week laughing at 2 of my friends whilst they sang the High School Musical songs complete with dance actions. They're both 16, male and straight as far as I know. Pure class.
Musical songs are probably some of the toughest songs to write. They're very different to your average everyday pop song as they're more about expressing the feeling of the singer and telling a certain part of the story. Plus, they're written to be danced and acted to. There are just so many components to be thinking about.

This makes them some of the funniest songs to listen to. They're easy listening, you don't have to try, and the lyrics just submerge you in the story. Plus, in each musical there seems to be a song for every moment. Songs for sad moments, happy moments, falling in love and falling out of it. There's always a song to illustrate what you're feeling.

My favourite musical song? "There are worse things I could do", sung by Rizzo in the most famous musical of all, Grease. It shows such a vulnerable side to such a bitchy character. It goes to show you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and that there are many sides to each person. I love the slightly jazzy vibe the song has and the emotion that the lyrics portray. She knows that everyone thinks she's a slut, but she considers it a slightly less important part of life. And it's true, there are worse things.

Another favourite? Any of the songs from the Lion King. I've seen it about 5 times and it always has and always will be the most awesome stage show of all time. End of story. It's got to the point where I can quote bits of it :/ and I'm not sure if that's the most useful thing seeing as people do tend to look at me rather oddly when I start going, "You be prepared - I'll be prepared - Prepared for what? - For the death of the King - no king no king, nananananaaaaannaaaaa!" At least it's not as bad as my two guys friends doing the bit where the monkey holds the baby Simba over his head. Both are 16 and this experiment concluded with Charlie being dropped from a height. I don't lie.
Musical songs do tend to stand out due to the vast amount of voices and the contrasting tones. You have people of different race, religion, background and sex, all singing in perfect harmony. I guess that's why schools try and perform them. Musicals are good because, like Disney Cruises, they're all inclusive. And "we're all in this together."

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