Friday, 26 October 2012

Would I survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

So for starters, I have my friend Patrick to thank for this idea, I’m also writing this during one of my free lessons with lots of people around me so I can interview them and ask them about their zombie apocalypse experiences.

I like to think of myself as a pretty calm person, one who manages stress pretty well and can take charge in difficult situations... I’m just a little bossy really. But as a girl who hates horror films and jumps at the smallest of things, I don’t think I’d handle a Zombie Apocalypse very well.

So for seconds, Patrick just said that I would die if faced with the zombies due to my smallness ... “I can imagine you running down an alleyway searching for food then a group of teenage zombies jump out at you from behind a bin and then you run towards the dead end but get eaten 'cause your tiny hands don’t grip onto the wall”... don’t I have nice friends, eh?
Alex, however, states that he has thought ‘long and hard’about his Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan (ZASP) and I therefore am going to carry out a small interview and ask him about it...

So, Alex what are the key points to your ZASP?
‘If the Zombie Apocalypse happened and everyone died, I’d board up my house and just live on the second and third floor - think I am Legend with Will Smith - I live next to Sainsbury’s so I could get food from there and I would not look for a cure, but look for a girl who I can help and then live happily ever after! ‘

Would you save yourself or give your own life up for ‘that girl’?

I’d do the honourable thing and give up my life for her!
Okay, well even though that statement is incredibly valiant I don’t think you’d be able to tell what you would do in that type of situation until you are actually in it. I for one hope that I would be valiant but in reality I expect I’d run away and save my own brain rather than give it up for someone else’s life. Sorry, whoever I am stuck with in a Zombie Apocalypse, but I’ve become rather attached to my brain! ­

So Lissy what’s your ZASP?

I’d kill myself. I have watched too many horror films with zombies in and I’d hate to be killed by one

But if you knew there would one day be an end to the apocalypse, would you wait it out or kill yourself anyway?

Then I’d build a really big underground mansion and I’d get all my friends and family in there so we’d all be safe and happy away from the zombies.
How likely is it that there will be a zombie apocalypse…incredibly unlikely in my opinion. Although I would never rule it out. Some mutation could accidently cause all people to turn into zombies, or an evil scientist could raise the dead and make them into zombies or you could just go the whole hog and have a storm which gives teenagers superpowers and one of those superpowers is to raise the dead - oh, wait that already happened in Misfits!

Kelly, what would you do if faced with a zombie apocalypse?

I’d steal a car and drive it around blasting Skrillex from the stereo and then I’d kill them to that and it would be an awesome zombie rave!
Shaun of the Dead is really the only zombie film I have actually seen. I first saw it at a friend’s birthday party and found it hilarious and a really good film. However, when I tried to watch it a few weeks ago I only lasted 20mins… okay give me some sympathy I’m a wimp and I was on my own in the house and there was a storm.

And finally Grace what’s your ZASP?

I’d wait in my house and sharpen all the weapons I possibly could, I’d then go to Sainsbury’s and wait in the chocolate aisle for those fatty zombies who like chocolate. I’d then kill them all and if still alive I’d steal my favourite car (which I’d actually go looking for), go live in a massive mansion and become a samurai of zombie killing!


And who would you want with you if faced with a zombie apocalypse?

DR WHO!!! That would be cool!
I’ve also thought about who I would like to be with if there was a Zombie Apocalypse and I’ve decided on Michael McIntyre, he’d make me forget the zombies and I’d just die laughing rather than die of being eaten by zombies, Hank and John Green, they’d know what to do. John made a whole video on ‘Zombies are people to’… but this means he might not be that great at killing them, and finally the wonderful Emma Watson, just because I love that girl and want to become her - although she may get eaten which would be a shame. However, as I probably will put my own life before any of their lives it’s a bit of a shame that I chose awesome people, but, we can always just meet again in the afterlife…
Although I’m probably going to hell as I put my own life before the people I was with… oh well, YOLO!

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