Wednesday, 28 November 2012

1970's vintage shirt



WHERE FROM? Clerkenwell Vintage Fair

Right, so as you know, I went to a vintage fair with Belle last weekend, and I bought something. With money I don't have so... I know, I'm a bad person. I somehow managed to combine my love of collared shirts with my love of vintage and my love of burgundy (the colour is burgundy, oxtail is what you find on the arse of an animal). I bought a 1970s shirt which has long sleeves (which I'll need now it's winter) and cuffs and an awesome looking collar. It's a peachy-nude colour with a brown and burgundy print of two people all over it. I plan to wear it with my burgundy cord skirt or burgundy jeans and it would look good with my light brown trousers as well, and then as it gets cold I can pull a jumper over it. I have a big knitted Guernsey jumper (actually from Guernsey) which would look good with it or my mint mohair jumper from H&M this season.


What Lara Did said...

So happy i stumbled upon this blog. What a wonderful idea, god you're like the virtual london version of the sex and the city girls. Love this blog :-) would love a follow back xxx

Neisa Rae Fluharty-Hutson said...

Love Vintage! Anything Vintage. :)
I wanted to stop and say I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. :)
You can check it out on my blog. <3

Marianna Khan said...

Thank you for the follow ladies! I have to agree with Lara, your blog definitely reminds me of Sex and the City and that can only be a good thing! I just had to follow, its so unique :)
Have a lovely day x x x

Mini Thoumine said...

Oh my dear lordie, that is probably the biggest compliment you could give us! I hyperventilated when I read that! Thank you and we'll be sure to check out your blog x

Mini Thoumine said...

You're really welcome and we're glad you love our blog as much as we love yours :) x

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