Friday, 2 November 2012

Chunky winter knit scarf


HOW MUCH? £8.99

I need to make this clear right now for any of you big on editing, I did a really quick colour replacement on the scarf (the camera made it look red, and the general colour of the scarf now is far more accurate of what you would see in real life) and to be pretty honest I’m very pleased with the results, so please don’t hate!

Mummy came back from shopping with this scarf in her hand, because she was fed up with me nicking my dad’s scarves. It’s just what I’ve wanted for ages- a knitted scarf. It’s the perfect colour for pale skin in the autumn and winter season because of the colour contrast, but it’s a tiny bit tricky to match with all clothes, especially since my blazer is burgundy. White definitely works, and so would black, but past that I’d recommend different shades of blue would probably work really well, I’ll try and tell you of the results soon!

I think a knitted scarf is a must have, but this colour for all skin tones. What I generally advise? Go for a beige or navy scarf. Maybe, if you’re even feeling a bit crazy go for red. The colour I think would be really fabulous? Green, like a dark emerald green. That’d be gorgeous.


molly said...

That scarf is so gorgeous!! Love the colour and it defs works perfectly with your skin tone-beautiful! Xx

SARA said...

you look great !

inEka said...

Greta blog thank you for following my blog, I now follow yours x

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