Friday, 9 November 2012

Claire's eyeshadow palette



WHERE FROM? Claire's

Claire's, known more for its kitsch jewellery and fully stocked hello kitty rails, I didn't expect to find any really nice make up when I went shopping with my sister last week. But low and behold I did! This eye shadow palette gives you 4 sets of 3 eye shadows. One is the base, one goes on your lid and one goes on your crease! They even stamped 'base, lid and crease' onto each separate colour- ever so helpful.  I love make up and have recently started watching way too many beauty vlogs on YouTube. I find them quite handy and they give some good skin tips. But it's one thing to watch them and it’s something completely different to actually do my own make up.

I never know where to start... Which is why I have picked up this palette! It's a really good guideline which allows you to start having a go with the different colours and see which ones work for you! Once you've figured out the right combinations you can go and buy the branded products as you will be definitely sure those types of colours work on you!

REMEMBER: This is not meant to be fantastic make up, it comes from Claire's for grapes sake, although saying that it does last really well when applied, it crumbles quickly and the word will probably vanish after a couple of uses!

I would suggest investing in some different make-up brushes though as you will need some blending brushes in order to make this product work for you and blend in well! Have fun with it, don't take it too seriously, try mixing the different colours to see how it turns out! Now we just need a brand to come up with a similar idea! Tell me if they have because I want it!

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