Sunday, 11 November 2012

Genie's tour of London

It was half-term here in England, (mid-term break for the Americans reading this) and since my Columbian friend had never seen London before it was the perfect time to go out and seen London as a tourist. It was a great day and my feet hurt like hell after the walk but it made think what would be my top ten places to go to in London. So here they are.
1.       London Eye – It’s possibly one of the most famous landmarks in the whole of London. It was originally meant to be a temporary structure to celebrate the millennium. Unlike the dome that was just an empty space until O2 bought it and made it into one of the biggest areas for concerts in London, the Eye was so successful that twelve years later it is still running and going strong. It gives the best view of London, whether it’s in the day or night. There’s a long queue, but it’s totally worth it.
2.       Buckingham Palace – The Palace where the queen lives- sometimes. Personally I think it’s a pretty building but that is down to personal opinion but it’s just a place you have to go and see. It’s like going to New York and not going to Time Square.  It would be absolutely ridiculous not to go and see the Palace.
3.       St. James Park – One of the most famous parks in London and it would be such a shame to miss it especially if you are going to see Buckingham Palace. It’s a beautiful park and has some great wildlife. Yes wildlife in the middle of London. The day when I went there were some giant pelicans, I was pretty scared. Still you for me it’s a must see.
4.       St. Pauls Cathedral – My favourite building in the whole of London. It is an old Cathedral which is just ridiculously pretty. The reason why I love St. Pauls is because of the history of it. The fact it was a key symbol during the Blitz just makes the building so much beautiful.
5.       Hyde Park – I grew up in Hyde Park so not only is it full of memories for me and hosts Kensington Palace, the home of Princess Dianna. That alone should be the reason for you to go and see it. However there are many more. You have a beautiful greenery to have a picnic on a nice sunny day and a great playground that I now take my little cousin too. It’s another one of those places that is just a lovely place just to chill and relax.
6.       Abbey Road – Thank you Beatles for making this place famous. I had been there until half-term and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been there before. The walls of Abbey Studio are just completely covered in messages from fans to the Beatles and just simple messages saying ‘Annie was here’. Plus there is an amazing spray paint from a fan that I love. You can also take your own photo at the zebra crossing. Just make sure you don’t get run over.
7.       Houses of Parliament – I just oogle at this building, it looks all shinny and just ohh. Now this is a serious building where serious people do serious jobs yet we normal not so serious people can see inside it. You would have to pre book at tour but even if you don’t see the inside just go and see the building. Please.
8.       Spitalfields Market – Mini told me about this place. It’s a market in the east of London by Liverpool Street.  It’s one of my favourite markets in London. You have modern shops all on the outside of the market square and then the market itself is split into two; the modern stalls then the old fashion vintage. You can find some amazing things if you have a good look. If you are an art or fashion student you would just fit in perfectly here as there are always students drawing whatever caches their eyes. FYI, vintage market is Thursdays and Saturdays only.
9.       London Aquarium – People always go to the Zoo in London but I feel the aquarium is always over looked. It’s such a magical place to go and is not seen as one of the big tourist attractions in London. I have such amazing memories there, please try to go there. Even if it is just once.
10.   Fait Maison – This is a cute little cake shop in Gloucester Road.  It has the best desserts ever! My mum and dad came across a few months ago and when I came back from school they took me there for tea and I fell in love. It’s a personal secret of mine, so please feel privileged that I am letting you in on it.

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