Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I'm blonde, so get me a duvet!

Ok, so for some of us the X Factor is the show that tells you Christmas is around the corner... for us normal people it's ‘I'm a Celebrity Get me out of here!’ This show is honestly one of my all time favourite shows in the world... don’t judge.
In fact, no, I’m not afraid to say it. Ant and Dec make the show and the 'celebrities' they find always come into their own and by the end of the show there are always memories made and new personalities created! It's just one of those guilty pleasures that just isn't so guilty!
The ‘I'm a celeb’ Facebook page asked for predictions, in whatever format, so I'm writing a blog post. But I didn't actually know any of the celebrities (apart from the MP who was on the news) so I sat down on google and found out who they were. By the time I'd actually looked all 10 celebs up, finished half my homework and had dinner, the show had started and I still hadn't written this article- stress was growing.
So now I'm halfway through watching the first show and I am writing the article while watching- like a live feed (except it’s gonna’ be published later...) Therefore I've had a bit of an inside look while writing this prediction... but shh, it’s a valid prediction all the same.
  • Ashley Roberts (the pussy cat doll) – well, she hasn't really shown her true colours yet, but she might actually be quite good at the challenges... I'm basing this on the fact that she wore flats on the beach!
  • Brian Conley - the 'jack the lad' of the series, there's always one! He could possibly win if he keeps up the good act and gets a little bitchy.
  • Charlie Brooks - the token Eastender of the camp! But I believe she will be pretty good at the camp and won't be scared of telling people what she thinks of them.
  • Colin Baker - an ex- doctor who! I am actually loving this guy already, however, if he complains one more time about him being fat it will start to get annoying.
  • David Haye (the boxer) – well, he is going to smash- excuse the pun- all the challenges, isn't he... Hopefully people won't vote for him as he will be boring... *yawn*
  • Eric Bristow (ex-darts man) - might be a good one for the bitchy side of stuff. Best quote so far 'My father said that I should never argue about politics, religion or children.
  • Helen Flanagan - the screamer! Again, it's always a girl and I'm so looking forward to her doing the trial.
  • Hugo Taylor - from Made in Chelsea and he cried on the first night! But he seemed a bit more cheery in the morning so I think it was sleep deprivation more than anything else!
  • Linda Robson - I think she might be quite a mother figure to Helen but not very good at the trials and not very popular!
  • Nadine Dorries - the MP... She's not going to be very popula, is she? Fair enough, she’s pretty bossy. I hope she pays in bugs and beetles!
So there's my prediction... And I am going to be watching everyday! I am so excited to let the rest of the 3 weeks play out and my prediction for a winner.... Brian Conley! Wow now that that is in writing I can't take it back. So I hope you enjoy the show as much as I am going to and make sure you bring some snacks as those Iceland adverts make you hungry!

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