Friday, 30 November 2012

Introducing... Edward Turner

Now, I hadn't heard of him until last Wednesday so don't go beating yourself up if you haven't the faintest who I'm on about. So I found out about him through a friend who loves all the kind of indie folky music and it was just coincidence really. A really über happy coincidence.

The first track I heard was 'The Things That Don't Move In The Night' which is so cute. There's no other term to describe it. The lyrics are sweet, loving and just make me want to smile. The track seems quite simple but it all builds up to the crescendo (oh, fancy word - it means the really loud exciting bit) over the chorus. The voice of Turner himself, contrasts beautifully with the drum beat and strong guitar. It's soft, almost husky with a slight country accent. He sounds a bit like Ed Sheeran so anyone who enjoyed his songs would do well to look this guy up. And it's not just me that loves this song. At the time of writing, he's had 21,000 views on YouTube and 2 dislikes. One listener came up with a rather hilarious and imaginative response, "I really love this song. I want to throw up rainbows" which actually summed up the song quite well. If you get over how disgusting the idea sounds.

Turner's EP of five songs, 'Night' which includes the track 'The Things That Don't Move In The Night' along with 'Dark Side' which again contains the haunting sounding lyrics but with a more electronic sounding track which proves that Turner's tone sounds good whatever you place it over. My favourite track is 'Oh My Darling' which I adore mainly for the drum beat which just sounds like a heartbeat throughout the whole song. If you stripped away the drum this song could easily be described as a lullaby but but adding this, Turner has made it into something original and interesting to listen to. He's the unicorn amounts horses in this day and age.

I would suggest even just having a quick listen on YouTube but if you're anything like me you'll soon be hooked. And with the EP at only £3.95 it's a bargain for some beautiful music. I would suggest to keep and eye out for Edward Turner, I've got a slight feeling he may be making some good music for a long while yet, whether that's in the public eye or in the shadows.

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