Thursday, 29 November 2012

I've got a story all about how...

When I joined explorer scouts I didn't think that I would be hiking through the Hertfordshire countryside, on one of the coldest and foggiest nights in November. Yes the favoured 'night hike' of my scout group landed on a day I didn't have anything planned... Rats. My torch came from pound land, my jogging bottoms, leggings, vest, long sleeve top, hoodie, hat scarf and gloves came from Primark and my rain coat was previously part of my school uniform. Not that Mother Nature cared, of course. Squelchy mud, puddles and chalk plagued us under foot all the way through our 3 hour "walk".

At 2330 hours (11:30) it was my turn to map read. At this point we were walking through fields covered in fog and you couldn't see your hand in front of your face let alone what was 10 metres in front of your feet. But we ploughed on following the leaders compass and the edge of the field and finally came to a style. I may have overestimated the available camping facilities, for we rocked up in a field full of sheep and were then told that we would be sleeping in said sheep field - in a tent about the width of 1 person. When we asked where the toilets were we were given the answer 'over there in the bushes'... So I refused to go to the toilet all night and morning - ladylike I know!

The tiniest gas stove meant that we could at least have something hot once the tent, or collapsing tent as my friend and I christened it, was more or less pitched we stood around chatting to the leaders and I got invested so I am now a fully fledged Explorer Scout! Isn't that exciting... Every Friday I go to Mini's house and then we go to Scouts together, but Mins wasn't with me this week. Oh no. She bailed on me to go to a Onezie Party! I know someone who is now off the Christmas card list!... I'm only (half) joking of course and Mini I still love you... Even though you abandoned me but I'll get through it, probably.

I never mentioned that throughout the whole hike i had a massive rucksack on my back... and because I am pretty short it was just even bigger and even heavier than it would have been on a normal person. When I first saw my leader I was greated with 'Wow, Zee couldn't you find a big enough bag?' I could probably give it a go for the next camp... Oh firetruck there's gonna be a next one. But if I am not "busy" or "ill" the next time one of these bad boys comes a knocking I will definitely be following the top 3 tips I'm about to give to you!

Tip1: Bring loads of pairs of socks! My feet were freezing until I changed into a clean and dry pair of socks.

Tip 2: Buy some hand warmers! These are little magical devices that you can set off to produce some fabulous heat for hands, toes or even noses. We bought loads in Tiger last year and I'm sure they will sell them again at some point.

Tip3: Hand Sanitizer! I just take this everywhere, so why not bring it on camp where you are going to get muddy and especially your hands. Also pick up a nice smelling one as nice smells are what you are going to need if you are stuck in a field full of sheep.

So now I can stash that experience away in my mind and carry on enjoying my Friday night Scout meetups... Although if that was how they inaugurate me into the troop it can only get better, right?

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