Sunday, 25 November 2012

Jumpers galore


HOW MUCH? 50pence (red jumper) and £5 (aztec print jumper)

WHERE FROM? Car boot sale (red jumper) and Primark (aztec print jumper)

I hate being cold! Mini will second this as she has had to spend nights with me in a tent on Scout camp... And of course it's my worst luck that my college is freezing cold basically all the time. But with these new-ish jumpers I am staying all warm and toasty at home and in college. The red one comes from a car boot sale and WAS my mum's but... I saw it and have now stolen it. She is unlikely to get it back anytime this winter, I can tell you that now! The Aztec print one came from my last trip to Primark and was on the sale rail for £5. Bargin! These jumpers look best with a collared shirt or a polo shirt and then anything on the bottom half, jeans, leggings or even a body con skirt with woolly tights (Primark do some fleece lined tights that are SO warm) so have fun looking for the craziest jumpers and invest in some simple school collared shirts.


Electric Daisies said...

Cute jumpers! Wonderful for the colder days:-). Xo

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Both jumpers are gorgeous! My favourit is the second one because I am such a fan of the aztec pattern! The colours are great:)

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