Thursday, 15 November 2012

Limited Collection Boots

I'm a self admitted shoe whore. It's a really bad thing to keep buying but it's said you're either a shoe or handbag woman and I'm obviously a shoe kinda’ girl. I was needing some low heeled black boots just for everyday, shopping, walking the dog etc (I walk the dog in Barnes on a Saturday - wellies won't do for there). And at £35 for these, I feel I'm doing well. I'd been looking at some similar ones and had just got to the point where I was gonna throw £60 at them, take the shoes and run. Thank god I found these and am now £25 better off.
They're from M&S (I can hear you screaming "the horror!") but from the Limited Collection. I always thought of M&S being for old fuddy duddies but I do love their Limited Collection things (especially the underwear... It's so pretty...) and these boots are no exception to that rule. They've got a Cuban heel so are really easy and comfortable to walk in. I wore them for the first time today and ran down the road in them without dying so I feel this is all good. They're a perfect winter buy and should last for forever.
TOP TIP: I would suggest you try before you buy because ankle boots can make calves look larger than they are. I have 'sturdy' calves and these are good for me but other people may not agree.


Lindsey Elizabeth Pritchard said...

Lovely boots, I like a heel this kind of size for everyday, to just add that little extra height.

Lindsey. x

Mini Thoumine said...

Same for me! I'm really short so I need all the help I can get without sacrificing comfort :) x

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