Friday, 9 November 2012

'Love is easy'- McFly

Now McFly is that quintessentially British boy-band I will remember from my tween/teen years. I can imagine in years to come, when I have children of my own, me forcing my children to listen and them screaming, "but mam, it's so old!" And me insisting," but it's so good!"
I will put it out there, I feel I've missed them the past few years. They've always been there, I just haven't bothered to go and find them, which is a shame really. My first ever 'gig' was Busted at Wembley Arena. The support act was McFly. This was prior to them making it big and I feel I've been on the journey with them almost all the way.
So when I was trailing across YouTube the other day and I came across this new video, I got so overexcited. The whole vibe of their music has changed so much since the beginning, and that's what made me laugh about the video. It also made me feel really old! McFly have been around for 8 years! The video shows the growth of the band up to now, along with them recreating the covers of their albums, my personal favourite being their attempt on the cover of Wonderland.
Now, it's not only the video that I love. I adore this song. It's very different to their other things, very... I'm not sure, it's not so dependent upon their instrumental abilities. Which is a breath of fresh air for me. There's only so far you can go, you know? It's nice as you get to hear them all sing properly, for what seems to me, the first time in a long time.
The song is enjoyable. I guess that's the main thing. It's a fun song and you can tell that the guys had fun filming the video. There's moments during the video that you can see them trying not to laugh. They always have a smile on their faces and they never seem to take for granted the extraordinary lives they lead. This is proved at the end of this video, which they dedicate to all their fans. Which is sweet of them and just goes to show that by staying the same people they started out as (and just improving their dress sense) their following is dedicated as they are to their following duties.
Mini quite embarrassingly called this song 'love is hard'- yes, just a tad bit blush worthy... Sorry for any of those offended.

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