Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lush popcorn lip scrub

HOW MUCH? £5.25
I used to go into ‘Lush’ all the time and smell everything and try everything and then never buy anything as I never had the money. But I was cruising through the Lush website and stumbled upon this little Christmas gem. I have tried the lip scrubs before and they really do work, like most of the items at ‘Lush’ to be honest. As it is the week after half term I've found myself a little bit more than broke... 7p left in my bank account! So I had put this on my Christmas list, but my lovely Mum went to ‘Lush’ today and actually remembered that I wanted something, and I absolutely love it! The product itself is basically sugar crystals, that taste salty and sweet at the same time, which when massaged into your lips removes dead skin cells and gives your lips that smooth as a baby's bum finish which people are always aiming to achieve... To some degree anyway! This popcorn flavour has been brought out especially for Christmas so go and get it now as it’s a really lovely product that will last you ages.


Katy said...

Popcorn Lip Scrub?! I gotta get me some of this!


Sharina said...

♥ this!!!

The Misty Mom

Electric Daisies said...

These lip scrubs are my saviour! I have the bubble gum one but now I'm desperate to try this one:-). Xo

Sophie Emma Harrison said...

I've heard great things about the Lush lip scrubs, and even tried a few. I really want one but I'm trying to save my pennies. Might ask for this one for Christmas! Xx


Sophie Edmunds said...

I have this! it is soooooooo nice x

Kay said...

Oooh this looks fab and just what I need!

Thanks for posting, off to the Lush website now!


lastyearsheroxo said...

These lip scrubs are brilliant!
I love your blog, and I've nominated you for the leibster award!
Find out more here http://lastyearsheroxo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/ive-won-my-second-leibster-award.html

Can't wait to read more from you :) xxx

Zee Leonard said...

They are quite expensive, but well worth those precious pennies It's a big tub and you don't use much when you use it so its gonna' last for aaages! :) Defo put one on your Christmas list though. Thanks for commenting! Xxx

Zee Leonard said...

I found the bubblegum one too sweet but this one balances the salty and sweet flavours of popcorn well! I wonder what they are going to bring out next year... :) xx

Coco said...

I love lip scrubs. The popcorn scent/taste (?) makes me so curious. What must it be like?

sophiebeauty said...

I really want to get this, it smells amazing whenever I go into Lush! xx

OCBeauty Blog x

Shell said...

I bought this a little while ago and absolutely love it! It tastes so amazing and I'm surprised how long it seems to be lasting me for such a little pot.

Shell xx

luckywoman said...

I love LUSH cosmetics :) Great blog :)

jodiemarge. said...

everyone has been raving about these lush lip scrubs!
i must invest.

jodie x

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