Sunday, 18 November 2012

No. 7 Perfect Match Foundation Service

I'll put it out there, I didn't go to Boots expecting to do this. And I wasn't volunteered to try it out either. It just happened. I needed a new cheap foundation and my mam suggested we both do it for a bit of fun seeing as she needed one too.

For starters, the service wasn't great. Admittedly, my local shop is a small Boots. But i'm not sure if that means in a larger store the service would be better or worse due to the increased amount of people. However, there was one lady on the desk attempting to sell No. 7 products, provide the Perfect Match service and it seemed she was in charge of perfume as well. She was rushed off her feet.

Now I, like the majority of females wear makeup daily. So, as I was out shopping and not expecting to have this done to me, I had makeup on. Which had to be taken off. Admittedly, it was a small area on either side of my face by my jawline and she used some nice No.7 products to do it however, I had used bronzer that morning to put some cheekbones onto my face and afterwards, there was a rather obvious splodge where there was no bronzer. Just food for thought.

So now she uses the device. Now I'm no scientist so I'm not sure how I works however, did not one person think when designing this device that maybe they could've made it look slightly less like on of those things the doctor puts in your ear to have a look in it? Maybe then, I wouldn't have been so nervy when I had some lady I didn't know approaching my face with something that resembled a device from a surgery. Also, I watched her 'clean' it. Just wiping it over with paper will do nothing to help I feel. I get spots quickly enough without ick from other people's skin being put on my face.

So results show I have a different colour on each cheek. Great. And then it's up to me which colour I want? Erm, the one that matches my skin tone which is what you were supposed to tell me in the first place. So I ended up with Calico which is the lightest shade they do. This caused some queries to form in my head seeing as, I'm not particularly light skinned. I have a reasonably warm complexion and I know both Belle and Zee have lighter skin than me which causes me to wander whether this is a 'perfect' match system at all.

It was then mam's turn which is when the device promptly ran out of battery. Conclusion, come back in a few hours when it's charged. They created a device which takes hours to charge and they don't have a spare? Admittedly it's a small shop but I thought it might occur to them that something like this may happen. So the nice lady matched my mam's foundation manually. And my mama came up darker than me. Which when we stand next to each other, seems absolute rubbish. Again, I query 'perfect' match.

So I finally got a foundation. And when I got home, I applied it. I didn't follow the instructions on the box but just applied it as I normally would with my foundation. And the result is they did well. It's a very close match to my skin colour when I apply my normal light coverage. Which is fine as its just going to be an everyday foundation and I have my Benefit one for more important things. I'm a bit worried if I have to build the coverage whether I'll look like a ghost but if so, they made bronzer for a reason. It also worries me that if my complexion is the lightest colour, what about very pale skinned people (see Belle for example).

Overall the result was good but I doubt that this system is any better than going into a store and getting a professional to colour match your foundation for you. I'm not sure that its going to catch on but I guess time will tell.


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