Friday, 16 November 2012

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - 300 (Electric Plum)

HOW MUCH? £6.29


Now that it's winter, darker colours come out. And seeing as I'm rubbish with eye shadows (I tend to look like I've got a black eye if I even attempt...) lipstick is my only option. My daily routine look is liquid eyeliner, slightly winged (I'm not Amy Winehouse) and a coloured lippy. Over the summer I did coral which was awesome for a tan and there's never a reson for me not to do pillar box red. However, I needed a change and this purple toned colour is perfect. I'd say it was slightly too pink for plum but its a lovely colour for the winter and I look forward to wearing it.

P.s. it's really moisturising! So your lips stay really soft without constant replications of Carmex and whatever else. I feel I may have to get a variety of colours to keep my lips a-good'un through the Christmas period.


Megan Lillie said...

What a lovely shade! Not too dark at all.
Megan xx

Electric Daisies said...

What a wonderful colour for Winter..gorgeous! Xo

Sharina said...

Thats such a pretty color!!

Love your blog layout ladies, the color combination is great:)

The Misty Mom

Woo Be Red said...

I love the nails and the lipstick!

Hey, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award.. check out my blog to see what it's about:

Mini Thoumine said...

No, it's just slightly darker than my natural colour so it's great for a colour pop without being overly bright and in your face :) x

Mini Thoumine said...

It fits right in for this time of year! x

Mini Thoumine said...

Aww, thanks! We're all really glad you like it :) x

Ana said...

Love your nails in that pic :)

Alex Von B

Mini Thoumine said...

Aww, thanks! The turquoise is a Kiko one (344 maybe?) and then just the crackle over the top :) x

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

The lipstick looks stunning!! I love the colour so much! Your naildesign is gorgeous as well:) Great pattern!!

Hope you visit me on my blog

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