Thursday, 15 November 2012

"Roll up for the magical mystery tour"

I love anything old, and music is right up there. My favourite band of all time? The Beatles- I bow down to them. It's 50 years of the Beatles this year and my mam booked tickets for us to go and see ‘Let It Be’ at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Now the only way I can describe this, and I really don't want to use this phrase, is it’s a tribute concert. In music terms the phrase has some of the worst connotations for me. People say it and I imagine a load of old men in a pub singing really badly. Shudder. This is nothing like that.
So a group of us varying in age from my mam to my younger brother, rocked up at this theatre (and Genie being the family scrape, tagged along too) expecting something along the lines of Mamma Mia which was what happened to ABBA. This was the other end of the spectrum. It was all about the music, the eras, the clothes and The Beatles. It really was awesome.
Not having experienced The Beatles the first time round, Genie and I knew little of the commotion and fan-girling from the actual Beatles. However, this being more of a concert set up, there was a screen either side of the stage, both shaped like 1960s TVs, showing images of concerts and recordings of the Beatles plus live recordings of the actual show turned into black and white to make it look realistic.
The whole way through the show, Genie and I were belting out the tunes, dancing in our seats and clapping along (regretting wearing our rings) whereas we should have been rattling out jewellery. Yes, the line from the famous Beatles Royal Variety Performance was incorporated. We didn't seem to be the only ones enjoying ourselves. There were a group of old dears in the front row that were out of their seats and dancing along. I'm pretty sure they didn't realise they were a tribute act (they were that good, seriously) and were screaming like teenage girls. 
The musicians were fabulous. All the songs were precise, maybe so to the extent where you wanted them to ad-lib but all was perfect. Nothing was missed. The costumes (especially for Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band) were spot on and just added to the stunning excitement and atmosphere of the place. Plus having the seat attendants dancing along in the row behind you made you feel like this show was all inclusive. It was The Beatles and no one could stop them.
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