Sunday, 4 November 2012

Weekend buys


HOW MUCH? £14.99 (Jumper), £8 (Top)

WHERE FROM? H&M (Jumper), Matalan (Top)

So… it's been a busy week for me, which means I haven’t bought much. The best thing I bought this week was probably some crisps from the canteen. But I also really like this H&M jumper and Matalan top that I bought at the weekend. The jumper is 40% angora which makes it extra fluffy and warm! Also, the pattern is really ‘in’ right now (yano this aztec tren) and when worn with a collared shirt this combo just screams ‘the height of fashion’! The stripy Matalan top, is probably more suited to summer, but in winter you can wear it with a white or black long sleeved shirt. Woven into the white fabric of this top are small flecks of neon colour! Which makes it rather fashionable! I think neon will be a craze returning next summer… I can just feel it!


Magda ♥ said...

nice top :)

elliebea said...

hey lovely! amazing blog you have here.. i loved your post!

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