Saturday, 10 November 2012

What's in Mini's handbag?

Hey y'all! We all thought that, just for fun we'd empty our lives out in front of you. By that we mean our handbags. Being female, sooner or later much of the world makes its way into our handbags so this is going to be a bit of a laugh. For you and for us.
It was suggested that I go first. Start with the oddest and work back to normalcy. My problem with my handbag is my family. If they find something, it will go in there. I've found underwear in there before because my mam couldn't be bothered to put it in the drawer. So, I'm worried, and you probably should be too.
I guess I'll start with my wallet which is from Accessorize (approx £18). It's red and brown leather with a blue and white polka-dotty inside. It wasn't my first choice. I had a beautiful pale turquoise flower patterned tapestry wallet which I bought for £5 at Spitalfields Market which lasted for ages but mam broke the clasp (long story) so I had to buy a new one.
Inside my wallet, I've got my provisional drivers licence, my Oyster card (complete with hideous photo), some dosh, some receipts (mostly oyster top-ups), a River Island gift card which I need to spend, a HMV gift card from Genie's aunt which I need to spend, an entry ticket for a geography lecture (such a social life...), some loose change and then a very prized possession. It's a credit card sized piece of card with "Don't fret" written on one side and a guitar neck (made of frets) on the other. It was an activity during our GCSEs to make a thing to keep us calm. I've kept mine. It served me well and hopefully will continue to during my A-levels. Noticeably, I don't have any credit/debit cards. I do have a bank account (I don't hide £50 notes under my mattress - I'm odd but not that odd) however my mam hides my bank card from me to stop me spending- it works.
Next is a book. I always keep a book in my handbag. It's especially vital in London as on the tube, there's an unspoken rule that you don't speak to anyone. I'm currently reading, "We Need To Talk About Kevin" by Lionel Shriver which Belle bought me for my birthday and I'm really enjoying. I guess the gruesome-ness really doesn't translate to someone who wanted to study forensic pathology and religiously watches CSI to see them dissect the bodies.
Erm, what else? Oh, my phone. Yeah, that's there but as the others know I rarely use it. My little brothers headphones that I stole (shh!) so I can entertain myself on the tube (music on a phone - one of the best inventions ever). A can of hairspray, hairpins and hairbands, just in case - I mean this is England, it rains so you've gotta be prepared. And saying that, an umbrella, mittens if it’s cold.
My Rolo tube full of pencils and by Little Black Book that Belle got me which I draw in. I'm not sure it was meant for that but that's what it's used for. Spare tights, spare socks (Chrimbo ones!) because stuff happens and we must be prepared for all eventualities. Nail polish, this is... Kiko 344 which is turquoise. Erm, obsessive amounts of TicTacs (always the spearmint flavour) because when you're out lunching you're gonna need one afterwards (and so is everyone else). Makeup bag (from Cath Kidson) which just has my vitals lobbed in there and... That's it! This bag is a River Island one from a few summers back but it's not my regular bag so some things may be lurking about in my normal bag. I hope you have enjoyed my clearing of the contents and someone else will hopefully do the same next week!


christy said...

nice blog ^^ loves it))

follow me and i will follow you))

xoxo Christy

Electric Daisies said...

Really enjoyed this post because I am nosey and like to know I am not the only person who carries around a lot in my handbag! I love your blog name as well by the way. :-) Xo

shopaholiconashoestring said...

I love seeing what people have in their bags (helps satisfy my intense nosey-ness). Also just wanted to say I love your writing style - I laughed out loud several times. Mostly at the pants part (I have done this too and I don't even know how!!)
Hope you are having a great weekend :)

Mini Thoumine said...

Thank you honey :) I'm exactly like that, people leave things lying around I WILL go through them ;) x

Mini Thoumine said...

Awww, thanks darling! I'm glad you enjoyed it and the other girls handbags will be up over the next few weeks to satisfy your nosey-ness! x

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