Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Writer's block? Worry no more!

As it's November and it’s the month of Poppies, men with beards and NaNoWriMo. What you've never heard of NaNoWriMo? Well, where have you been? NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month for long) is an American novel writing project which aims to challenge amateur and professional writers alike to write a novel in a month. They count a novel to be 50,000 words... Some people chose to keep this as their novel and some write the 50,000 and aim to finish the rest at a later date.
Now I, as an enthusiastic novel reader, find this project to be really amazing. Children, teenagers and adults have no imagination these days and this is a great worry. Staring at a computer, laptop or tv screen really does rot your brain and doesn't allow you to be creative or imaginative as all of that is there in front of you already. So I encourage everyone to take up a pen, as that is the good old fashioned way, and write anything... poems, notes, shopping lists or even a 50,000 word novel!
If you have decided to take the challenge then I'm sure you will come up against some sort of writers block. So I've racked my brains long and hard and brought you 5 pretty original tips on how to defeat writers block!  Don't allow them to become procrastination techniques though think of them as the Perfect Way To Get Ideas Flowing - PWTGIF...hmmm... May need to come up with a better name!



Have a bath or shower: as weird and as common as that fix may sound, seriously it's a tip for everything, it will allow you to relax and will allow your brain to refresh itself. Therefore when you go back to your writing desk, again as this is the old fashioned way, you can almost be certain that your new refreshed mind will allow  you to wander the darkest rooms of your imagination and a bubble of an idea will pop and those fingers will not be able to type fast enough!


Go for a walk: yes I know it's November but that doesn't mean you have to be holed up inside... Put a jumper, coat and your favourite pair of boots on and go and look at everything November has to offer! Crunchy leaves under foot walking dogs wrapped up in scarfs, toddlers with puffer jackets on (they always make me laugh) and the beautiful yellows, reds and oranges of the leaves still left on those trees... I'm getting ideas and I wasn't even planning on doing NaNoWriMo!


Talk to your friends: whether this be by Facebook, text or picking up the old fashioned house phone sit down, have a natter and find out what is new in their lives! "What did you buy this week?", "Any new gossip to tell?" or even ask them about a recent news event... But that might come out looking a little odd.. Depends on the news story I guess. I'm sure whatever you will talk about will spark some distantly related imagination stem which will get those creative juices flowing!


Bake something: so as I am the one in charge of the recipes here I say baking is a really good use of your time. Not only is it fun and exciting - sometimes a bit stressful, but, that's probably down to me being in a rush or whatever - but you get delicious results of which you can actually eat! So bake some cupcakes, biscuits, pancakes or go the whole hog and bake a Victoria sponge. Not only will you have cleansed your mind and come up with some new food related scenes - I'm thinking flour fight or just a dinner date scene - but you will have goodies to munch on while you are writing!



Look through some old photos: they don't have to be your photos, with Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and even google images you have access to thousands of millions of photos. Just type in 'old photography', black and white and sepia images come up in their thousands! I'm sure at least one of the photos you find will trigger some thought. Or even send a photo to a friend and see what they think of it! When looking through your own photos think about the memories that were made and the emotions you felt on the day the photo was taken. If that doesn't trigger some kind of creative spark then I don't know what will!
So here have been my top 5 Perfect Ways To Get Ideas Flowing... And very helpful I think they are too. So get writing, NaNOWriMo is a really great project and many people on Wattpad.com are writing short novels for NaNoWriMo so why don't you go and join in, or if you don't want to write something just read and support the amazing writers that are out there waiting to be discovered!

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Kayla Lynn said...

i have heard of this and have been writing :) thanks for the tips because writers block comes my way all too often!

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