Friday, 28 December 2012

3 shades of grey

Liking the pun? I realised that many people might be receiving the 'fifty shades of gray' book this Christmas (god knows why) and then realised I received a number of grey tops this Christmas. Please do not take any extensions of what the tops might be made of or used for by the reference made in the allusion- it was merely a fun pun.
  • KNITTED OPEN STITCH JUMPER (TOPSHOP): Admittedly this could be classified as black, but hush now my friends of OCD. I just love it, because whilst it could be one of those hipster-ish jumpers, you can totally jazz it up, whilst still keeping it casual. Pair with coloured trousers, a chunky necklace and ankle boot heels and you've got a lunch date winner. Casual and classy nailed to the tee. For those who want to follow the more hipster path, pair with a chunky necklace again, but then also with a pair of leggings, some army boots and a beanie. Then style it out your way, after all the whole point is that you're an individual.
  • CASHMERE BLEND ROUND NECK SWEATER (UNI QLO): I love the fact that it's a light grey, because it doesn't make the cashmere look as heavy- instead soft as clouds. Pair it off with some jeans, winter boots and a long, drooping necklace and you're ready to hit those winter sales looking all cosy and warm.
  • LACE LONG-SLEEVE TOP (TKMAXX): Mummy said she bought it for me because she wanted me to feel dressed up even when I was casual. It's true though, even with a pair of jeans I'll feel dressed to nines, especially with back being entirely lace (something you can't see in that picture). She bought it a while back so the closest I could find was a lace blouse, if you'd like to find something similar.


Marija said...

Love the last one with the grey lace. Totally agree on the dressed up/ casual part!

LTTFashionbyHamida said...

Helllo guys! Firstly thank you sooooooooooooooo much for your lovely comment and for following my new blog! It was so sweet, glad you liked my outfit.

I find your blog super cute & have follwed! cant wait to have time to sit down with a cuppa and read through some more of your posts!

lots of love,
Hamida xx

LTTFashionbyHamida said...

OOh and my favourite is the lace top from TKMaxx, funnily enough I never find anything from there :(:(

Hamida x

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