Saturday, 8 December 2012

'A walk to remember'- Nicholas Sparks

This book came into my possession as a present from Belle. It was a part of my "Beechwood Box"- my boarding school’s name. Clever, right? This box was full of things that I love in order to make school feel more like home. This meant a romantic novel just had to be included. The novel of Belle’s choosing for this ever so special box was "A Walk to Remember."

The story is set in the late 1950's in South America and the protagonist is a certain Landon Carter. The town has everything a South American town needs: trouble makers, churches, one sole high school and the Catholic school girl Jamie. Now, the book is written but Nicholas Sparks so I don't think there is any need to tell you that it a love story (this is the guy who wrote ‘the notebook’) and with every good love story there is an anticipated twist. Before any of you spoil sports go asking what it is, I’m not going to tell you, that would ruin the book, if you’re that eager, google it.

The book written entirely in Landon’s point of view and reading it as a girl proves to be very interesting. You get to see his emotions without it being to soppy or unrealistic. Showing all the pressures that, I guess, any teenage boy is under. It was really interesting to see how a guy thinks and if the book has any truth about it, be prepared to be shocked people, they think a lot. (Sorry to all the guys who read this. I just mean when it comes to relationships girls seem to be the ones who over think. Not the boys.) I really do love this book and I congratulate Nicholas Sparks for writing yet another brilliant book. Oh and a prior warning: get the tissues out.


Electric Daisies said...

It sounds like everything I love in a book! I love his books and the films based on te novels, what wonderfully sweet tear jerkers. XO

Natasha said...

I have never read the book but I still remember when the film came on the TV and it looked good so I continued to watch it but by the end I almost regretted it because of how much I cried. I might read the book one day to see if it is better.
xo Natasha

Genie Nikaj said...

I was on a plain when I finished it I was in tears.

Genie Nikaj said...

I haven't seen the movie but the book is brilliant. It's not too long as well. You should defiantly read it x

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