Tuesday, 25 December 2012

ASOS shirt with jewel crown placement



HOW MUCH? It being a Christmas gift, I'm not going to be one to say such things, but you can see it using the link above.

My 'rents got this for me for Christmas, and I just had to make a post about it before it gets all scrambled up in my room. After I tried on multiple things from ASOS, this was the only thing I found even slightly adequate. I'm going to be straight, I was actually very disappointed with the quality and execution of many of the pieces I had ordered. I adore this though, it's a proper 2012 'summary top' after the Jubilee and the Olympics, we Brits were most proud to have our Queen.
However, it'll definitely see me through to the new year. Made entirely of polyester, the material mimics a sort of silk or chiffon. It's essentially pretending to be classy, and that's all I really need. I know I can pair it with some jeans, tapered trouser or a skirt and go through different scales of dressy, but each outfit still ascertaining that classy element. As with the girl on the website, I think for us rectangle shaped girls a pair of high-waisted jeans would be ideal. It would give us a waist, and make our legs look like towers.
Whilst I always advocate wearing what you're comfortable in, I think this silhouette is most ideal for a rectangle shaped girl like myself, because on other shapes there is the fear that it might perhaps make you look wider. However, on rectangles it emphasizes the slim frame many of us have. It's for the rectangle girls who are like hangers, where it literally flows from the shoulders down. I mean, I'm not tiny up top, but if I was bigger I think it would distort the shape of the shirt. I would certainly avoid wearing a belt with it; the pattern is a bit too busy to add more detail to it.
Additions to the styling? I'd stick to gold jewellery because of the gold in the design, but might fair away from black as much as I can. I think jeans would actually be perfect by making the black look less brash, and giving it more of a colour balance. I'd pair with some nude heels for outfit bliss. One personal touch I think I might add is avoid any kind of necklace- there's enough going on there as it is. Instead, pair with some statement earrings and pop your hair into bun to draw attention to them, and those of you who have killer cheekbones.

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