Monday, 31 December 2012

Best and worst beauty trends of 2012

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The year is finally closing and it has been a very eventful year. The Olympics practically took place in my back garden, Barack Obama was re-elected president, this blog was set up and the most important thing in the world - we survived the end of the world (woop woop!) In this hectic year there have been beauty trends which have made me feel like a queen and ones which made the end of the world seem likely. Everyone is open to their opinion of what they love in the beauty world but here are my best and worst beauty trends of 2012.
  • DARK LIPS: I LOVE this trend. It makes me seem oh so sexy but can be worn for a casual day out with the girls. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s not the best thing to wear to a meal, re-applying it can be a bit of a female dog if you get my drift, but it’s my favourite trend of this year.
  • THE FISHTAIL: This trend for hair has entertained me for hours in dull classes. Trying to perfect the art in my hair and let me tell you it really did take a lot of practice. This style is great for my hair when it gets just that bit too much for me to deal with. It tucks it all in and makes it look elegant and stylish. The only problem is that it takes ages to do and my hair just frizzes when I take it out- something which no human being is allowed to see...
  • NAIL ART: This is a 50/50 for me, just a bit more on the love side however. Mini is in love with this trend and she is brilliant at nail art (look at her Christmas nail post). She got me into loving it too. There is something about having your nails done up that makes me smile. The only problem with the nail art is that it can look tacky. There is a fine line between a beautiful piece of art and someone getting a bit too excited with colour.
  • NEON OMBRÉ: This is a no no for me. Personally it looks like someone had too much fun with a highlighter in a very boring history lecture. Before I offend anyone with it I am not saying that people can't look good with it. It is just not my cup of tea. I see the appeal I really do, in fact I wanted to die my hair like that when the trend came out, but luckily I was in school so I couldn’t fall into that trap.
  • CLAW NAILS: I cannot bare this trend. I do not see how it is attractive or practical. How are you meant to hold the makeup brush with nails like that? I don't know how people go on in a day to day life with those things being stuck to your figures. If anyone knows please tell me, I would be so grateful to find out.


Victoria Jane. said...

I agree with the nail art, people are so talented with it but sometimes it can look a bit overpowering with masses of colour!

Kristen { Hello Monday Design } said...

I'm with ya with the neon ombre. My good friend has black hair with purple/pink at the bottom. That actually looks good on her (Specially because she looks like Katy Perry!) but other colors just look silly.

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