Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Calling all rectangles for a winter outfit

Admittedly, you're going to have to layer up a lot more as I learnt, but that is all changes you should make. Beige and navy are my two autumn/winter colours. I think they just compliment each other perfectly and scream class. The outfit in itself is pretty simple, and therefore the accessories are key. Key to the whole look. The earrings and necklace exemplify my fashion philosophy: juxtapose everything. This is old and new. The earrings look pretty vintage, and yet the necklace is something you'll find in high street shops everywhere. However, for any of you fashion bashers, they're both pretty in right now too. They fit that costume jewellery craze which is sweeping through shops everywhere. Luckily without looking too cheap.
However, I think the shoes are the most important part of this outfit, for that wow moment it is. The accessories upstairs work well as little furnishings; they're what the girls you know are going to compliment you on. But, the shoes? Now, you're not going to complimented on them, but you might just get a few looks. I've worn these out twice recently, and both times I've had exactly what I've described. They just make your legs look hot, by popping them on stilts. Whilst any pair of stilettos would achieve the same affect, the stiletto ankle boots featured above I believe are a better option. They're classier, and quite frankly a lot easier to walk in. You can also get them almost everywhere; H&M have done some really gorgeous green ones so go, go, go.
Have you got short legs like me? Wearing a pencil skirt with a belt at the waist will make them look like skyscrapers, even though they end inches further down. Remember, shapes in fashion are all about illusion. As for us straight girls, we have to remember that even if sometimes our shape doesn't appeal to those bodycon dresses, it does appeal to high fashion. This chunky knit will shrug and hang on us like we're a mannequin. Remember, this outfit focuses on the legs. There are plenty other tips and tricks for giving us more shape, but let's focus as one at a time. Our focuses for this one: class and legs- long long legs.

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