Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Cheapskates at Christmas

Christmas decorations Belle's mum made out of bits and bobs last year ^

We all love a good bargain and considering I have all of about £7 to buy Christmas presents with for a constantly growing number of people, I feel I'm going to have a problem. So these are 3 top tips I've collected over this week to helping make your Christmas on a budget. Some are hilarious, and shouldn't have happened in real life and some are easy quick fix tips to simple Christmas necessities. Have fun!

1.       Christmas drinks - I love Starbucks at Christmas. Going to school on the underground, every second person has one of those little red cups of heaven with them. I went on Tuesday whilst on a school trip (shh... don't tell!) and my friend brought her own marshmallows with her to put in her hot chocolate. You don't have to go to that extent, but rather than forking out extortionate amounts each day for coffee or hot chocolate, try quick and cheaper alternatives, like the Nutella Christmas Hot Chocolate, Zee made earlier this week!
2.       Wrapping Paper - We all use mad amounts of wrapping paper across the Christmas period. You buy presents - you wrap them, that's how it is. You can easily save money by making your own with brown parcel paper (which you'd buy anyway for posting presents) and paint and stamps. You can buy a pack of 6 Christmas themed stamps for £4 from Hobbycraft or you can easily make your own with potatoes. I know it sounds childish but you can easily save yourself a fortune and people will love the sentimental handmade aspect of the presents.
3.       Home Decoration - Everyone loves a bit of home decoration around Christmas. In my home, even the loo gets a Santa Claus. To save on funds, do like Belle's mam and steal from the woods (Belle would like to, for legal reasons, insist that she doesn’t like the use of the word ‘steal’). Even just a candle in a bowl surrounded by bits of evergreen and pine cones will look really festive. Or you could go the whole hog and make a wreath by twisting branches round each other and tying them together with garden wire (or those little white wire things you put round sandwich bags). You can even make snowmen out of ping pong balls! Think outside the box and soon you'll have some awesome decor, plus no one else will have anything the same.

So have a bit of fun and save a little cash this winter. Seriously, you'll thank me for it when the January sales come round!

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