Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Jumper número uno

So I've been on at my mother for weeks about the countdown to Christmas. And not just her, my teachers, friends, acquaintances and a random unknown lady on the tube the other morning who shared my excitement of all things Christmas related. My travel buddy was not amused.
So, my mam hoped to shut me up for a day or two by purchasing me the one thing every Christmas lover needs, a Christmas jumper. Now, lacking in years, I feel the Christmas jumper has been around forever. My first introduction to it (like much of my generation) was through Bridget Jones Diary where her mother has a Christmas party and she and Colin Firths characters manage to wear rather 'horrendous' Christmas jumpers.
According to the interweb, the jumper (or sweater depending where in the world you are) originated in the late 19th Century however, the Christmas jumper is a much newer addition, only having been created in the '80s. And if it was acceptable in the 80' sure is acceptable now. Christmas jumpers have been gaining brownie points very quickly over the past few winters, maybe because of the 'oh so hipster' vibe they give off or because high street stores have caught onto the growing trend and are cheaply turning out jumpers quicker than you can say, "ugly jumper party, anyone?"
These have gained in popularity too. Other people in Britain may understand a reference to the TV show Miranda where they compete to have the ugliest Christmas jumper. If I remember rightly, the winner was tinselified to the max. But Christmas jumpers no longer have to be ugly. Oh no. There are some very understated and subtle Christmas jumpers (think last years fair isle knits - they're back again) if you don't want to be too outrageous. I decided I'd be unusually subtle a few years ago and bought a knitted sweater dress from Uniquo which is now a go to winter item in my wardrobe.
However, me being the sad, Christmas enthused, mentality of a 5 year old version of myself, I have opted to go traditional. Yes, my Christmas jumper is a nod to the original 'ugly' Christmas jumpers of the 80s and Bridget Jones. It's from Matalan for £15 in the men’s section and is snug and warm. It's bright blue with a snowman smoking a pipe on the front. And I'm planning on wearing it to a Christmas party. All I need is the tinsel and I'll have bagged that award.

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