Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas music, the good the bad and the ugly

We've made it to December! Yay! And you know what that means? Christmas! See, I have this condition that when it gets to the start of December I revert back to my 5 year old self. I get over excited about the prospect of snow (don't be so stupid child) and Santa Claus attempting to squeeze himself down the chimney.

But the question with Christmas is, when is too early? Especially music wise. I have been singing Christmas carols since October, but I am in a choir and that is what happens. I'm not sure normal people would agree that that's an appropriate time to start. So what happens, do we all make it to November the 30th being normal average people and then randomly start singing Christmas songs on 1st of December? Evidently not.

The thing with Christmas songs is that they are very distinct and easily recognisable. No person can just slip in a quick jam to "Frosty the Snowman" in the middle of July. It just wouldn't be right. This query seemed to annoy me slightly. Well, slightly more than slightly. I took to google and tried to find other people's responses to the very important life question

"When is it appropriate to start playing Christmas songs?"

The answers varied. Some people (like me) got uber excited over Christmas and had been playing carols throughout the '-ber' months. Others refused to play Christmas songs until Christmas Eve (you poor people, lacking in spirit) but most people seemed to agree that Christmas songs should be played throughout December and the Christmas season. Do you hear me shopping centres of the world!? That's DECEMBER AND THE CHRISTMAS SEASON, not in August straight after we've finished wi summer and before we've even thought about Halloween yet, let alone Christmas.

Plus, I do feel we must be more discerning about our Christmas music. For example, The Pogues 'Fairytale of New York' is a Christmas song as it is sung by a drunk Irish man (we all have one of those in the house at Christmas) and talks about Christmas time. However, the song sung by an X-Factor winner which was the Christmas number 1 previously doesn't count as a Christmas song. The end of the X-Factor just happens to coincide with Christmas. My view is that if it contains any of the following words it is appropriate Christmas music and should therefore be played between the dates 1st December and 25th December each year:
Snow, Christmas (that was an obvious one), Robin, Jesus (reason for the season and all), Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Rudolph, Reindeer, Bell, Sleigh or Mistletoe.

So now we've finally made it past the all important date, keep an ear open and inform all those not playing Christmas music, to stop being Scrooges and get into the spirit of things. 

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I've downloaded so many xmas albums - love x

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