Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas wishes

Hello there darlings, and a very Merry Christmas to you. Hoping you're full of the Christmas cheer. I'll either still be in bed and thus wake up to very angry parents, or have just opened my presents and be waiting for lunch. One or the other, no inbetween. On behalf of all the girls, I hope you get all your want this Christmas. More than just the presents, but Christmas cheer and all of the people you love around you too.
So, if the great and good things haven't quite happened yet, remember Doctor Who is still on its way, and Matt Smith is more than eager to make you happy by popping his pretty face on the television. Yes, incase you didn't already know, we're pretty eager beaver Doctor Who fans, and we're not half embarrassed about it either. If there's nothing else to look forward to, it's the Christmas television.
But, if you're not quite content with that, just drop a line to a friend. That's what I'll be doing this Christmas. Just big up that satsuma your ma popped in your stocking, and know that Christmas isn't all bad. You have easily sourced tropical fruit!
Lots of love the London-bred ladies. We love each an every one of you. Every page view, every follower and every comment makes us jump with joy. Your support means each of you deserves a delightful Christmas.

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