Friday, 7 December 2012

Collar necklace and earring set


HOW MUCH? Necklace £2 from £5 (because it was broken) and the Earrings £3

So in a couple of weeks it is my Grandma's 80th Birthday party and, as normal, the event shall be celebrated. But for this special birthday we are going to a posh hotel for lunch - this means I get to dress up extra posh-ly and feel like a princess for a day, RESULT! I have decided to not buy a new dress *gasp* but wear a dress that I wore for my high school achievement ceremony which my family hasn't seen. This dress's main colour is a coral-orange and cream, and as I wasn't going to get a new dress I thought I would compromise by buying new accessories, so I went for a stroll around Primark to see if I could find any inspiration. Primarni never fails to deliver for me, so low and behold I found this gorgeous earring and necklace combo. I loved the colour and the style of this set and knew immediately I had to buy it.
The pale, almost, fluorescent colour of the stones are slightly matte which means they stand out even more on the patterned fabric. However, as this is Primarni we are talking about, the necklace was a little broken (as seen in the picture above), but I saw it was simple to fix so I fixed it and now it's sparkling new once again. I am going to curl my hair slightly and make sure that these earrings are shown because I feel they make my hair look even blonder and thicker. As my dress has a collar I am going to tuck the chain behind the collar to make it stand out even more. I am now rather excited and cannot wait until I get the chance to wear it.

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Elrese Voges said...

What a bargain! And I love the golden yellow colour it's so gorgeous and perfect for winter and summer :-) xo

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