Saturday, 29 December 2012

Covent garden christmas goodies

WHERE FROM? Covent Garden

Oh, Covent garden, how I love thee. I received these pieces of jewellery as gifts for Christmas, and after being informed that they had been bought in the antique fair in Covent Garden, I felt driven to write a post. I mean, aren't they lovely? Covent Garden's antique fair is on most Monday's and it's a dream to walk around. You can quite literally pick up pieces for a quid each. Although, you'll also find that some pieces aren't so fairly priced. I know one of these pieces wasn't from the antique fair itself (although I fail to remember which one) but you can quite literally find gorgeous little unique pieces like the ones above without breaking the bank.
Now, little rant about one of my most favourite places in London over! Let's get onto each individual piece, giving you all of the important details.
  • BLUE STONE RING: My, isn't this pretty? It looks very vintage- just the way I like it. It will be a great focal piece of a simple oufit, and paired with an equally vintage looking necklace will work wonders for giving the illusion of a nice outfit (I mean it is nice, just pretend it's more than it is). I'm thinking of pairing it with this necklace my mum has from Israel. Yes, arabic patterns would fare well with this design. You can pick up similar rings (not at similar prices however) at Accessorize, with my favourite copy being their Ibiza turquoise ring. It's a little bit sparkly for my liking, but is the most true copy of the ring in question.
  • YELLOW STONE RING: Now, I'm not sure whether this is a stone really...but it's perfect for my magpie instincts. That being, I love costume jewellery. Paired with something more casual like a chunky knit, it will have that lovely kind of contrast between drama and normality.
  • TIGER'S EYE RING: Genie has one just like it, and I think it's absolutely wonderful. The detailing of the gold wiring around the stone makes it intricate yet simple. It's a win win.
  • SILVER NECKLACE: I've been looking for a chunky necklace for yonks, and this one is perfect. It screams class, and when paired with a chunky knit it screams just that- classy, not dressy. It's also perfect for a girl like me who has a prominent collar bone

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Martha Woods said...

I love all of those rings! I'm in the middle of a cocktail ring obsession currently!

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