Sunday, 2 December 2012

Desert boots


HOW MUCH? £14.99 originally £19.99 but 25% off

WHERE FROM? New Look teen’s range

I have small feet, ties in with my small height I suppose, and I also have thin heels which means shoes don't like to stay on my feet. Pumps or courts without any straps, laces or anything are a big no, no. But when I saw Genie in her wonderful Burgundy Desert boots I immediately went searching for some of my own.... But I wasn't lucky enough to find any.

However, I still needed some heels for my Grandma's 80th birthday party in a few weeks so I went online shopping. And my luck seemed to be turning as I saw that New Look was having a 25% off sale so I hot-footed (excuse the pun) over there to have a look.

I did find a pair that I really liked but they looked a bit high, and then my sister pointed out that New Looks Teenage Range - Generation 15 - do 'normal' sized shoes. So I looked around and found these! I honestly didn't fall in love with them instantly but once they arrived in the post and I tried them on I love them and they are just SO comfortable! They will go perfectly with my outfit and I am looking forward to the party so much now. Also, they are comfy enough so I can wander around all day in them - which I will do at some point soon.


Celia said...

I LOVE these, also jealous of you being able to buy teen shoes, my feet are like boats!x

Zee Leonard said...

My feet are really tiny (runs in the family) but I've just checked new looks tenn section on their website and they go up to a 10 in some of their shoes, if you look at the 'new-in' range then I'm sure you'll find larger sizes that haven't run out.

Zee. :) xx

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