Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Designer black Cornelli detail prom dress

WHERE FROM? Diamond, by Julien MacDonald (from Debenhams)

HOW MUCH? Originally £65, but bought for £53. Do you like it? They have it for £45 now in size 10. But, be quick!

I bought this dress when out with Zee for an upcoming surprise birthday dinner party. I personally think that the collection of dresses out there for this christmas is rather disappointing, but we found this one relatively quickly luckily. The colour on the lining is perfect for my pale skin, as it actually gives the impression that I'm bare under there as shown below. For once in my life, being pale was the best bit. The amount of very revealing stuff out there right now is high, so for a dinner party I thought it was suggestive without being in your face 'hey look, it's my assets!' 
The reaction I got from this dress? Oh, ever so good. I walked down stairs to the two lads preparing and got a 'you look sexy! doesn't she look sexy?' and 'yeah, you look good' (they're different types of guys. Practically every girl who was there asked me where it was from or told me that they liked it. I actually walked in on two girls who told me that had I walked in any earlier I would have just heard them talking about how good I looked. I was most chuffed.
This dress works for me because I'm a straight shape and gives me a couple more curves where I need it because has a fitted flip skirt. If you're top heavy it could work too since it would help even out your shape. Although, generally, the simplicity of the dress' silhoette and what I classify at its gorgeous design means it would probably suit a wide range of body shapes.
I would have done an outfit post but I had to get changed in the guy's loo and then help with preparation so never got a full body shot (well, one, but the other way around) so I'll do one when I wear it again. I can, however, tell you how I'd wear it/wore it.
I paired these with my open toe suede black heels, suede helps to make it look more dressy, but any pair of black heels would work. I wouldn't really pair it with any other colour due to the lace layered over the skin-coloured fabric, and I'm really not a fan of white heels. It could work with a pair of nude heels, but black, it just makes more of a statement. The only jewellery that I wore was a pair of chain earrings, and I'd recommend doing the same. Any big statement earrings will do the trick. If you want perhaps wear a ring or bracelet, but I love simplicity. However, definitely avoid wearing a necklace. There will be too much going on upstairs. I wore my hair parted in the middle with it pulled up on either side. My eyes were smokey and my lips were a pink shade.
Got a dress like this? Remember, keep it simple but dramatic and you've got a showstopper.


joanne avila said...

I like the cute dress :) BTW. I nominated you girls to Liebster Awards check it out here http://cazandraavila.blogspot.com/2012/12/liebster-awarded.html

Megan Lillie said...

Oh wow it's stunning!

Megan xx

Holly Elizabeth Ryder said...

This dress is really lovely.
I searched all over for a great party dress wish i'd seen this post sooner!
Holly x


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