Thursday, 13 December 2012

Do the Mo-bot

It's Christmas, and therefore there must be a charity single out. Last year it was Gareth Malone and his Military Wives Choir raising money for Help the Heroes who got to number one and raised extraordinary amounts of money for the armed forces. This year, we look to Olympic gold medallist, Mo Farrah who's own charity, The Mo Farrah Foundation, is aiming to raise money to help people in Mo's birth country Somalia who are currently experiencing some of the worst droughts Africa has ever seen.

Apart from his running, Mo Farrah is most famous for his awesome celebration as he crossed the finish line. If you don't know what the Mo-bot is, you've been living under a rock for the past summer. This move, along with 4 other simple steps are the main focus of this song. And with so many famous faces in the video, you'd be sad to miss it. I've watched it about 20 times in the past hour, mainly for Tom Daley and Jack Whitehall in the same place at the same time, but also Boris Johnson himself takes part. If that's not an excuse to watch it I don't know what is.

Recorded by Tigermonkey, a London based duo, this awesome techno based song will get you up and dancing. It's full of personality and it's a big first step into the world of music for the pair. I'm looking forward to other offerings from them in 2013 where they're not having to focus around promoting a certain thing. Just their general music could be quite entertaining and may fill a gap in the market now that the Swedish House Mafia are apparently retiring.

All money raised from the 'Do the Mobot' single goes to the Mo Farrah foundation, but what do they do? Mo and his wife Tanya set up the foundation to try and help people suffering droughts in Africa. The foundation helps by sending food packages to refuge camps in the worst affected areas, helping build wells and rehabilitate polluted canals in areas with people but without water, providing healthcare to those who have none or to the sick, educating orphans so they can lead a happy, better life and helping farmers and fishermen by supplying them with tools to help them feed their families and those living in their communities who cannot feed themselves.

So feel a bit better that you're doing your part this Christmas and have a laugh and a dance whilst you do it. 

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