Sunday, 30 December 2012

How to dress for the winter races

Every so often by family goes to the races, and this year we took Zee and Genie along on Christmas Boxing day down to Kempton for a race meeting. Bit of a name drop here, but I'm pretty sure I saw Tom Gearring there too, except Zee and Genie don't watch 'the apprentice' so they couldn't verify it for me. For those of you who did watch it, he was that pretty Tom, the one with the nice eyes. Back to the point of this article, and why I'm here to help! The thing is, as it's both not royal ascot, nor is it summer, you have to be really careful with what you wear. I mean us girls still want to look good, but we also don't want to catch hypothermia, or catch frost bite on our feet. Therefore, we had to layer up and wear thick shoes without looking too nicey nicey- I'm sure you get what I mean.
So, what would I advise you to wear?
  • A THICK JUMPER: With the number of jumpers that there are out there right now, it isn't hard to find something unique, which is also really warm.
  • TROUSERS: I'd recommend it, or if you're going to wear a skirt at least wear a pair of thick tights, you can get loads of them nowadays which don't just look like granny tights.
  • WELLIES OR BOOTS: For people like us who tend to spend most of their time next to the finishing post, you'll sometimes find yourself sunk deep into the mud. I love my heels, but not for winter in the rain. You end up being the women who me and my welly friends laugh at as they sink into the mud, and ruin their suede heels.
  • REMEMBER TO ACCESORISE TO THE NINES: If you find yourself too cosy looking with not enough glam appeal, this is where you accessories are going to be most important. Consider an eye-catching necklace or pair of earrings. If you're going to go for a headpiece keep it small- remember it's not royal ascot. 



GENIE'S- I wanted to be in the festive spirit when I went to the races. This for me meant wearing my new and first ever Christmas jumper (kindly given to me by Zee and Mini). Personally I hate wearing jeans and leggings because I am a pear and they are too tight on my legs, meaning the only other thing was to wear my black skirt. I added the white top just to break the colour up a bit at the bottom and around my neck. However, if you wanted to make your legs longer then just tuck the shirt into the skirt, and the connection of the black jumper and skirt will give the illusion of long legs.
BELLE'S- Having been to the races before, I was the most prepared, and yet I still struggled. I opted for wellies, because they actually made my outift that bit more jazzy. Like my floral ones, I've found some tulip print wellingtons just for you. I mirrored the colour of my wellies with the bow in my hair, giving that colour balance. I did just as I advised you and paired my winter knit with a heavy necklace, making my oufit that tad bit classier. Rectangle shaped girls don't really have to worry about any shape issues, nor do they have to care about creating shape. For me, the races is about style rather than looking gurd, so style it out, rather than shape it out. Earrings over belt, if you get what I mean...

ZEE'S- Wellies were my only shoe option. After that had been decided I chose to wear my new H&M silver shirt which has a lovely sequined collar. Bought in the sales on Christmas Eve, I paired it with black leggings, a cardigan (for warmth) and my red winter coat. Adding my burgundy beaded necklace means this outfit shouts ‘classy but casual’ and again I’d be happy to wear it to a new year’s party. The collared shirt flatters any figure due to the darts around the chest and the black leggings make your legs look slightly skinnier. I love my winter coat, many people have complimented me on ‘being brave’ with the colour. Why are people so ‘scared’ of colours? It makes you stand out and look fabulous! Just make sure you find the right colour. The wellies were definitely the best choice that day and maybe my red coat and I are set to start a colour revolution, watch this space ladies.

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