Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Eyes or lips?

Hello everyone, new and old followers. I am oh so very sorry that there have not been any Genie’s Salon articles recently.  I have been sick and haven’t been able to write anything, but I am back on the mend and now have the time and the strength to try to do my best to help you with your make-up and hair. Now after my little anecdote I shall actually get on with the post.
Make up, just like fashion, is meant to highlight the best part of you. It could be those amazing cheek bones or the vibrant blue eyes that you have or simply the lush lips that are waiting to be kissed.  You take that feature and draw attention to it. This doesn’t mean layer on layer on layer of makeup but a decent amount to make them jump out. Now this is all good advice but what feature to exenterate.  Eyes or the lips? The common rule is to keep highlight the eyes or the lips. This drags attention to them and well with the right amount of makeup you can look oh so sexy.  How to choose which feature to highlight I have a few rules that could help you:
1.       Eyes. If you have light coloured eyes, blue or green, you should draw attention to them. It’s the first thing people notice about you and you can really make them stand out. Use a dark eye shadow and mascara that to create a heart stopping look.
2.       Lips. If you have medium sized lips highlighting them can also look just as good. Now personally I would say if you have really plum lips I wouldn’t draw attention to them, stick with the eyes, even if you have brown eyes. (Shall give you some tips below don’t worry.)  The lips that work the best to highlight are the cowboy lips. If you have those then lips it must be.
3.       Eyes. If you have brown eyes you can also highlight your eyes. You can simply do as I said above and use dark eye shadow and highlight your eyes like that but I have a slightly different way for you.  Coffee brown eye shadow. Brown on brown, that won’t work I hear you say, but trust me, if you apply it correctly it will.   You work from light to dark. So apply light almost gold eye shadow on the whole of your eye and then add the dark brown from the outside and then drag it in. You should look fabulous.
4.       Lips. Now to highlight your lips with one of two colours; dark or bright. Now they both stand out and highlight your lips perfectly but give off two different vibes. Bright colours are normal for spring but also work well with vintage looks. Coral and red work really well and give a more grown up look but you must match the makeup to the clothes you are wearing otherwise it can and will look very odd.  Dark lipstick gives off a sexier, mysterious vibe. This however also has to match what you’re wearing. You can’t wear neon pink then a dark plumb coloured lipstick.  I would personally stay away from black as it is more of a Goth look. (Unless that is the look you are going for, then wear it.)
Four simple things that don’t take that much effort to do at all and when you do it right oh my, you will look like drama. Just highlighting one feature is a simple trick in the makeup book but it’s so effective.

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