Saturday, 15 December 2012

Just a little apology

You may (or may not) have noticed that we have been through a post drought through the last week. We're sorry. Well, more specifically I, Belle, am sorry. Or even more specifically, my old router is sorry. Long story short, my router decided to stop connecting to the internet and as I do most of the editing and posting of posts (yes, we do have a very civilised method of running this blog) we fell short of publishing posts. Mini was very brave and posted one of her articles all by herself. For all you bloggers out there you will know that the html has a habit of playing havoc with your layout, but she managed to do it with any problems, thank the heavens!
Those of you who are nice enough to care will be happy to know that I received my router minutes ago, and have connected it all up for you and have decided the best thing to do would be to apologise (rather than revise for my mocks). This has just been as hard for me as for you guys- if it even has been hard for you. Being a city girl, days without internet makes work pretty difficult. If the new router didn't work, I potentially wouldn't have had internet till January 29th minumum, so I'm pretty relieved.
Posts will be back on track soon. Hope you're having fun with your preparations for Christmas. Our help will be on its way as soon as my mum is satisfied with the inadequate revision I have been doing for these Christmas mocks.

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