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Last minute Christmas pud recipe

Finally, it's that time of year again! Christmas and the time leading up to it is one of my favourite times of the whole year. As a family tradition my family always make our Christmas pudding- don’t mock. It's a family tradition and tastes so much better than shop bought pudding - everything homemade does. Apparently, according to my aunty, the Sunday before the first Sunday of advent is the day when most people make their Christmas pudding. Firstly, you have to make it early so all the fruity goodness can soak and feed into each ingredient. If you haven't made your pudding yet then don't worry, you can do it now and here is my families 'Secret' recipe - with some tips thrown in which will help you along the way. It's a bit tricky but if it goes wrong you can always just have fun making a mess and you never know this could be a new Christmas tradition for your family. The amount of ingredients included in this recipe will make a 3lb pudding which will feed 8 people - If you want more just double/triple the ingredients.

 P.S. Don't forget to make a wish while you give it a final stir at the end - that's a family tradition as well



·         100g self-raising flour
·         1 teaspoon of mixed spice
·         1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
·         1 teaspoon of nutmeg
·         Pinch of salt
·         100g butter (melted)
·         100g fresh white breadcrumbs
·         100g soft brown sugar
·         50g ground almonds
·         100g currants
·         225g sultanas
·         225g raisins
·         50g chopped mixed peel (you can buy this in all good supermarkets - look down the baking aisle)
·         Few (7-10) washed and chopped glace cherries
·         Rind and juice of 1 orange
·         3 eggs
·         1 tablespoon of treacle
·         4-5 tablespoons of milk
·         1 tablespoon of rum or brandy (It's got to be brandy at Christmas time right?)
·         Utensils you will need
·         A really big mixing bowl
·         Weighing Scales
·         Saucepan (for melting butter)
·         A few wooden spoons
·         Table spoons
·         Teaspoons
·         Knife
·         Zester and juicer for the orange



1.       Now you are all set and have everything. We are going to start with the dry ingredients and then add the wet ingredients. So, sieve the flour, spices and salt into the large bowl and mix.
2.       Add the breadcrumbs, sugar, almonds, prepared fruit and peel and mix well.
3.        Now add the finally grated orange rind.
4.       Beat the eggs lightly together and add the treacle to form a smooth mixture. Add this to the bowl.
5.       Add the other wet ingredients now, apart from the butter. So this is the milk, orange juice and brandy/rum. Mix this thoroughly together.
6.       Finally, add the melted butter. We add this last because as it cools it sets and becomes harder to stir and you want to get your wish in right?
7.       You now need to leave this to soak overnight so all the flavours can infuse together and become lovely once again.

NOTE: Until now this recipe is quite simple, but now comes the cooking and the trickier part of this recipe.

8.       Spoon the mixture into a well buttered 3-pint pudding basin and cover with greased/buttered papers and fold into the middle which will allow the cake to rise.
9.       Tie the papers tightly with string and you may want to cover it with a layer of tinfoil.
10.   Steam gently for 5 hours. This means you must place the bowl, pudding and all, on an upturned plate/saucer in a pot of water on a gas stove. The water should come up to 1/3 of the side of the bowl. Don't allow the pan to boil dry, the water may need topping up check it every 30-40mins or so.
11.   Allow the pudding to cool in the basin once you have finished steaming it.
12.   Remove the papers and pour brandy over the pudding. Re-cover with fresh ungreased papers and store in a dry, airy place until Christmas day (or whenever you are going to eat it). Don't make the covers airtight or it make grow mould which will just be disgusting.


1.       Steam the pudding again, for 2 hours this time and serve with brandy butter or cream.

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