Saturday, 29 December 2012

Let's all go to Tescos where Belle buys her best clothes!

WHERE FROM? F&F, tesco

HOW MUCH? Trousers were £7 in sale, and the shirt was about £15

All the colours of wine have been in shops this winter, and I feel lucky to have been able to update my wardrobe without breaking the bank. Burgundy is most definitely in, and I ruddy well hope that it stays for a while, and burdgundy fairs well for my pale skin, it compliments it most definitely.
THE TROUSERS: More pink than burdgundy, for rectangle shaped girls like me, the slightly tuliped bottom helps give a little bit more shape. Dress it up, dress it down, the colour's a winner- most eye-catching you see. I adore the zip detailing on the legs, it gives it that little bit more edge. Pair it with white or pair it with black and you've got a winner. Just make sure you achieve a sort of colour balance somehow. Perhaps, if you pair it with a black top, pair it with black heels as well, or else you run risk of looking a little bit like a rainbow. The fact that they are slightly tapered, it means that with a pair of heels they will give the illusion of longer legs. I'm considering pairings this pair of trousers with my beige-ish coloured chunky knit and nude heels, despite it being winter it'll be a nice, bright look.
THE SHIRT: Simple as a burgundy shirt I've worn it with my jeans, and with a black bodycon skirt- it's a really versatile shirt. Good for us rectangle girls because it hangs straight of us, remember that you don't always have to be an objects of desire. High fashion is high fashion, rather than making a woman into a sex object. However, when worn with a skirt, you can throw a thick black belt at the waist, to give you more of a waist, as well as giving you the look of long legs. People will be silly enough to think that your legs start at your waist rather than your hips. Pairing with beige would also be lovely. Beige, burgundy and navy are great winter colours (for me, anyway) so play around with those colours and you could find a winner.


Mai said...

The burgundy shirt is really nice!

Victoria Jane. said...

I love shirts like that!
The colour is lovely too

Rona said...

Burgundy is such a gorgeous color!! I love em both :) you scored some good deals!

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