Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday's music mix #12


MINI SAYS... So this came up on my Vevo homepage and considering I'd never heard of them (or half the things they put up there) I decided to have a listen. And I'm glad I did. It's perfect music for when I'm peeved at something, someone or the whole world in general and I just need to let it out. It's perfect for when you're struggling and you need to get rid of all the pent up frustration. Yeah, the video is kinda creepy being all in black and white with some mad lady with mascara sliding down her face running around, but the music is pure brilliance.


BELLE SAYS... We sing this at my school in girl's choir, and I love it. Whilst I'm always accused of being too loud, I also believe I feel too choiry when I sing it. For crying out loud, the song's from 'sister act', it's Whoopi Goldberg. We're meant to sing and shout. So I went and youtubed the song, but believe me I did not think I'd come out listening to this. If you need anything to help you encourage yourself to project your voice, and to provide inspiration for an audition watch this immediately. This boy will give you everything you need, and yes, I did just say boy.


ZEE SAYS... I'm allowed to start playing Christmas songs right? It's past the 2nd Sunday of Advent and there's only 15 days to go... I haven't put up the decorations but I've been singing this song for ages! It's one of my favourite Christmas songs and one I always play on Christmas Day. I've just started a little early this year.... Don't sue me I saw advent calendars in shops in September!!


GENIE SAYS...  Now, Matt Cardle was the winner of x-factor and the show itself is a bit of a joke sometimes but this guy was actually talented. What I love about this song is the lyrics and one line especially “I guess I never realise that the story had three sides.” It is so true every argument or discussion has three sides, mine, yours and the truth.  I get tingles down my spine every single time I hear it.  It’s a beautiful song on a beautiful album created by a beautiful man.

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