Monday, 17 December 2012

Monday's music mix #13


MINI SAYS...This song was the free download this week on iTunes, and by heck do I love it so. It's been on repeat since Tuesday and every time I hear it I want to cry. And the girls will back me up on the fact that that's a very rare occurrence. I can just imagine people waltzing to it in pretty dresses. Currently, I'm using the first half of the song as a lullaby because it's all tinkly and it sounds like one of those old music boxes that you wind up. It's beautiful on so many levels.


BELLE SAYS... Regina's back in my speakers again. I can't believe that when I first heard this song I found it dull. Sure, it isn't as 'heavy' as 'all the rowboats' but it's far from dull. It's light and airy, and you feel a little bit like you're in a retro video game (listen closely to the backing track which is like a steel pan). It's fun to say the least, and just makes me feel ever so girly. The video? Surreal, to say the least. Spektor's evidently a fan of Dali.


ZEE SAYS...Christmas songs now-a-days just don’t seem to exist! The Christmas day charts end up being dominated by the newest X Factor or charity single. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for charity but why can’t they be Christmassy? It seems people have forgotten what makes a good Christmas song – I think they need to read Mini’s rules. However, last year The Killers released a Christmas song. Yes I know I was surprised too. You wouldn’t think that Christmas, cowboys and the Killers would fit together but it does in this alternative Christmas track. If we had more Christmas songs like this one and less covers by X Factor winners, our generation could be proud of our Christmas song heritage, when we are old, grey and wrinkly… now there’s a terrifying thought for you!
GENIE SAYS... I discovered this song because of Zee and Mini. They had given me a Christmas mix tape and this song was on it. The first time I heard it I completely feel in love with it. The killers are a fabulous band and they created a brilliant Christmas song. Now its not the typical Christmas song that we are so use to hearing around this time of year. It has a country feel with the guitar and the amazing vocials. You just want to get up and dance around to it. I know I shall be playing it on Christmas day. 

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