Monday, 24 December 2012

Monday's music mix #14


MINI SAYS...This is my favourite Christmas song ever. When my Chemistry teacher questioned me concerning its significance to Christmas, my answer was the simple, " Everyone has a random drunk Irish man hanging round their house at Christmas!" Not that that's true but this is the best ever Christmas song. Plus if anyone watched Text Santa and saw Gary Barlow with Dawn French doing their take on it than you will understand the pure love of this song. It was the first song I managed to play on the guitar and will forever and always be my favourite carol. Even if the only words some people know are "You scumbag, you maggot. You cheap lousy faggot. Happy Christmas your arse..."
GENIE SAYS... Now it’s Christmas Eve, the Christmas songs have been playing loudly and all week long; getting me through the Christmas clean up that my mother insists on doing every year. This song in particular has just saved my life. Fairy-tale of New York has been my favourite Christmas song from the day I actually understood the lyrics properly. It makes me laugh and sing along. My sister and I have taken on different roles and made up a sort of routine to the song. I love this song so much that I’ve learnt to play it on the guitar (it’s not that hard for anyone who wants to try). With all the insults thrown into the song, there is that beautiful relationship that makes me play the song over and over again.


BELLE SAYS... I love this woman, and her damn voice. It's just one of those christmassy songs, with those soft voices and bell sounds. Sure, not many people do have christmas in the sand (in Britain, that is). It's ridiculously catchy, and the music video is just one of the darnest cute things I've seen in a while. She's an absolute cutie, and she's a gorge natural beauty. I haven't heard from her for a while, but it's a joy to have her back on my playlist. Now all I want is christmas in the sand...


ZEE SAYS... Mr Alex Day is at it again, attempting to gain a Christmas number one, of which he hasn't gained.... He got to Number 25 on the Christmas charts yesterday though, which is a great achievement. 'Stupid, stupid' is his latest creation and although I enjoy the fresh, authentic, change of music to this track. It may be a little too original for some people. But I urge you to have a listen and if you don't enjoy the music at least enjoy the music video he created. It includes a majority of his close family and Mr Day in a mankini! So what's not to love?

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