Friday, 28 December 2012

My new party outfit


HOW MUCH? £10 in the sale

So I had a Christmas party with the London-Bred Ladies, and some other beauties last week and as I was host I had to look fabulous, even more fabulous than usual. So after buying this fantastic dress for a tenner in the pre-Christmas sales from New Look, I knew I just had to wear it. The black velvet makes this dress sophisticated and the gold sparkles makes it very Christmassy.

Being classed as having an Apple shaped body I love the skater style of this dress as it defines the waist and the 3/4 sleeves also flatter any sort of 'bingo wings' people may want to hide. Only downside, the cut across the back is pretty low and being quite short from waist to shoulder means it falls down my shoulders. However, I safety pinned the shoulders to my bra strap and it didn't fall down and no one even noticed.

The black also makes you look slimmer and the velvet makes the outfit that little more interesting. I wore this dress with burgundy cable knit tights, which does add a splash of colour, if you aren't a black-a-phobe, like me, wear it with black tights and shoes which will make your legs look longer and skinnier. For make up and hair I wore a really bright red lipstick to make my lips stand out and I gave myself a slight smokey eye with a tint of burgundy which matched my tights. Finally I got my sister to slightly curl my hair which makes a change to it being flat and straight.

I could easily wear this to a New Years party as well, so enjoy looking and feeling fabulous my dears!

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Every Wear I Go said...

This is such a cute dress!

I am following you now on GFC. Would love a follow back :)

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