Thursday, 27 December 2012

New year, new music

I'm always keeping an ear open for new and upcoming musicians, be that through YouTube, as support acts at concerts or through things like the iTunes free weekly download. The thing is, if you know the music before its major you get a longer, uninterrupted time to ponder about it without getting the world of music's views (and mine) implanted on you. We are not sheep and it isn't wrong to say no. For example, there was an incredible amount of hype surrounding the release of Taylor Swift's "Red" album and I just had to shut myself in a room and conclude my thoughts on it. But if you do like a hand in expanding your music tastes, here are 3 to look out for:


You may know her as "That girl that sang that song from the snowman advert" but Gabrielle has been working under the radar for a while. I came across her around May and was stunned into silence by her haunting vocals and simple melodies. I was quite into her music over the summer and it seemed to fit that season. It was enchanting and easy listening for when all I wanted to do was lie in the garden and let my brain drift. And then she appeared singing The Power of Love for the John Lewis Christmas advert. Everyone's immediate reaction was that she was an 'undiscovered talent'. They just hadn't been looking. She's a star in the making and 2013 looks bright for Gabrielle.


Haim are a relatively recent discovery for me as I came across them in late November and completely by accident. They appeared on my Vevo and I liked what one of them was wearing (I know, I'm shallow as a puddle) so I decided to have a listen. These California sisters impressed with their laid back style and a natural knack for instruments. They played during the iTunes festival in London this year and I'm looking forward to some more offerings from them in the new year. They said that 2012 was all about girl power and with Haim sticking around, that looks to continue into 2013.

THE 1975:

I had to get some guys on my list so I've prompted for The 1975, an indie rock band from Manchester, England. After releasing 2 EPs, they look to do more in 2013 by releasing singles and maybe an album. Described by iTunes as, "electro-art-rock" this band is a good bet for lovers of Coldplay, The Killers or the like. My conclusion after listening to one song of theirs was that I want to see them live in 2013. They seem the people that would put on a good show, play some good music and give the audience a bloody good time. I plan to keep an eye out for them over the course of 2013.


Ally Maddix said...

Eeeh, great post! I love Gabrielle Aplin, I've been listening to her since 2009 and it's so great to see that people are finally taking notice of her amazing talent :)

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I love your blog so much its my favourite one.

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