Monday, 3 December 2012

Our new philosophy

So Belle's been thinking... Yes, thinking can be dangerous, but hear me out on this one (even if I did just refer to myself in third person).
We've been ever so happy with all the wonderful comments and increasing readership through these months, but we feel that we need to put a bit more icing on this cake. This blog needs a bit more pinash. We didn't want to run the risk of it being like any other beauty or fashion blog, we always want to feel a bit more individual, a bit more suited to you: our readers. Our readers are the most important tool to this blog, without them posts are useless. So, what have we decided to do?
We're on a mission to help go a little (or a long) way to empower our readers. Everyone suffers from insecurities, so we wanted to think of ways which we could perhaps help. If only to even brighten your day. From now on, we want to increasingly tailor each post towards you, so that you can get more from it than merely it being a pretty pair of shoes. We haven't go it all sorted out yet, not by a long mile, but we're currently playing around with the idea of body shapes.
From now on, at the end of most fashion posts there will be a section dedicated to help tailoring that outfit or item to suit you. We won't always be right, but we might provide a little inspiration. We hope to. We want to know that you are beautiful, but please don't walk away from this post again. Please don't. This post is being written by Belle, I'm one of the biggest cynics and pessimists  out there, I am. Talk to a friend of mine, I'm a sour little girl. Yet, that's why I can say such things. I expect bad things to happen, I know life can't be perfect, so I don't expect it to be. There's just things along the way which end up surprising me, and that's good. So yes, know it, or learn it hopefully eventually one day.
You don't need say anything, you don't need to believe me or agree with me. This is merely our goal, to make you feel beautiful, because you really are.
Now, before you start yawning at how boring my speech has been, hold back and watch this. I was this clip first on 'Russell Howard's Good News', his name's Nick Vujicic, and to me he's pretty amazing. Enjoy, link's in his name.


Megan Lillie said...

What a brilliant idea, I'm excited...
Megan xxx

Sophie said...

You sound like me with the cynical-ness, I'm good at noticing when everything is crashing down around me but not so much when things are going good! This sounds like a very interesting idea, I'm intrigued to see how you go about it :)

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