Sunday, 23 December 2012

Rushing around the Christmas shops

That would be me pretending to be Santa at Zee's Christmas dinner ^
So, having just completed my Christmas shopping this morning, I know how much of a Christmas rush there is to get last minute Christmas presents. Seeing numbers flood in and out of shops, and I just thought I'd do a quite guide to last minute Christmas shopping. Most importantly, when you're very much out of wallet. Now, you could have done the clever thing and built up for months asking your parents what they want so that it's not too obvious before you go out, but for people like me, we're just not clever enough. So, here's my three-step guide to the perfect last minute Christmas presents for family and friends alike (I am doing this for people who aren't expecting to be spending their money on Chanel by the way, I am just a poor little suburban Londoner after all).



So, this is going to be the main part- obviously. This one is going to require a bit more thought than the other parts. I personally love buying my friends books. This year I bought Mini the book 'savages' because she's a right nut (don't worry she's already opened it). Books are my new jewellery. I've found jewellery has become increasingly a cop out (unless you have your friend's taste nailed to a t). Books encourage education, and pretty much all of my friends are book worms, so they should appreciate them. Other ideas? Just model it around what you know that person likes. It doesn't even have to be that big of a gift. Make-up for the beauty guru, pastels for the art lover, just go for something which matches them. It's easy as Pi.



This bit is the most fun for me. Literally, just walk around 'Tiger' and pick up bits and bobs for your friends, one quid here, another quid there. I bought Mini a plush worm you lead through objects and I think she was more content with that than anything else. It just helps make the gift a little bit more personal, by saying 'I got you this, oh, and I couldn't help but by you this too'. If you've got the time, charity shops sell old records for a quid each. I've done this for past birthdays for my friends, and they've been over the moon with that part of the present. Everyone loves a little bit of vintage.


I love present giving, and recently I've found the joys of a nicely-wrapped present. I've opted for the brown paper and string look this year (things I found I could only buy anywhere which had a post office with it, aka WHSmith). To give it that extra edge I paired it with a little brown label and a bell. It just shows you made an effort. I picked up 15 labels for a quid and 10 bells for a quid. Again, roam around 'Tiger' and they have hundred of packs of things to stick on the packaging of presents and make them more fun. More personal, without breaking the bank.

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