Tuesday, 4 December 2012

We like to p-plan party

We’re not talking traditional house party, we’re talking that occasion when a well-brought up person decides to have a dinner party or a black tie event. Yes, the kind of people I love to be friends with. Therefore, you should have a good week or so to plan before the actual event. Before you even question it, yes, outfits require planning, because we want to walk into the room and everyone be like ‘daaayyum’, or words to that effect. We want to feel like a princess, and so we shall.


Sort out the outfit (1): Now, a lot of you might find this a little premature but I think that as soon as you get home you should have a good long look at your wardrobe, unless of course you want to be all sensible and do your homework first... There’s no better time than right there for a multitude of reasons. What if you have nothing to wear? Or you merely couldn’t wear that dress because you’ve worn it before? Girls, I know the stress. In order to get my outfit organised for my last party I stressed about my ASOS order coming on time, and Genie was prepared to mail her earrings from Beechwood to London for me. As it so happened I managed to find a different dress elsewhere and my mum provided me with some earrings she’d found. The point is, I might not have been so lucky and my hair would have been falling out. So plan plan plan.


Practise makeup and hair (2): This should have been sorted when planning your outfit, but practising makes perfect, remember? Especially if you’re trying a new style practise it about three times before you can say you’re satisfied.
Toothpaste your face (3): Well, not exactly. For me, yes, but for you maybe not. What I’m essentially getting at is that you should probably have thorough cleaning of your face for the entire week (because some of us are lazy and don’t do it always) and ensure spot treatment is used. My one ticket wonder is toothpaste, but remember to moisturise!


Get the nails done (4): Filed and painted, make sure that your nails are picture perfect, for that exact reason: you don’t want those ugly firetruckers ruining a perfectly decent picture.
Razor up (5): Legs and all else, it’s simple as you know you should. Don’t be lazy and go to the party a little bit furry.
Timetabled hair washing (6): Make sure you’ve rescheduled that you can wash your hair the day before you go out (I never have enough time to wash it before I got out, simple as) so that it looks extra shiny and pretty when you go to the party.


Get ready: It’s simple as, make sure that everything is ready, get changed and put your face on. Look beautiful. Feel fantastic. You’ll be fabulous.
What do you make sure you do so you're ready for a party? I'd love to hear about any crazy rituals you might have.


Natasha said...

Us girls go through so much to look perfect for a party don't we? I keep it simple and spontaneous, have a wash, do my hair and make up however I feel and pick out something to wear. And without fail I have to get ready to music!
xo Natasha

Mutzii said...

whatta cutieee website owned by gorgeous girls! thanks for visiting my website. I'm now your new follower. Stay fab! <3


Diana said...

I really like the post! Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

Zee Leonard said...

I love getting ready to music. Really gets me in the party mood - whatever the type of party.
I always keep my make up pretty simple although I am getting more adventurous, and it's good to come out of your comfort zone once in a while. It will make people say 'WOW' even louder and thats not a bad thing right? :)

Zee x

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