Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Londoner's secret: Spitalfields

London has so many sights to see, and things to do. There are countless websites telling you what you can get up to but there is so much more to London than just its typical 'do it in a day' tourist attractions. London has some amazing markets and there is one that I could spend a hell lot of money in: Spitalfields. It's on the east side of central London and I only found out about it a year ago when Mini suggest that Zee and I should go. That day I spent £120. I know, a lot. I went again more recently and I am happy to say I only spent £30.

The thing I love so much about this market it has everything.  From Monday to Friday they have a Trader's market where there are modern stalls with clothes, jewellery and all sorts of things but then right next to it there is the vintage market. Now this isn't on every day but you can go onto the website and find out what is on each day.  The Old Market is my favourite part because it is just full of different people. There are the art and fashion students that are sitting around the market doing their sketches. There are so many different stalls, you can get old polaroids, records plus amazing food. 

However, there is not just a market place. It is surrounded by actually shops and restaurants. The ones that come into my mind are Benefit,  Wagamama and Giraffe. This place is a part of Londoner's London. A place I love because of its diversity and just oddness that anything is acceptable. To top it off it makes an appearance in Robbie Williams Candy Video. Check for yourself.


Natasha said...

I have been hearing a lot about Spitalfields and have been meaning to take a trip there some time. It's on my to do list now!
xo Natasha

Beccy said...

I love Spitalfields Market - it's perfect for finding presents for people as well!

Kate Lees said...

Sounds lovely, can't wait to get back to London x

Nee said...

Hi girls! thanks so much for stopping by:) it means a lot to me that you like my pictures:) when i got the camera a bit more than a year ago i had no idea how to use this "thing". i tried out a lot and got better in it:) so i'm no way a professional or something like that haha.

i was in london a year ago, which was my second time and i loved it! i just love your lifestyle:) and all your shops <3 but as you said i mostly saw those typical tourist places. i'll make sure to check out the "insider" places next time:)

have a great weekend! ps. you have a wonderful blog - beautiful layout!
lots of love xx

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