Thursday, 24 January 2013

An Awesome Wave- alt-J

I don't expect you to know this band. If you do, well done, they are stunning and I love them. They are mine forever. If you haven't heard of them, they're a British indie rock quartet and 'An Awesome Wave' is their debut album. It won the British Mercury Music Prize in 2012 and they look set to do well. I'd suggest them if you like Kings of Leon and Mumford & Sons.


I was firmly decided for this one unlike the last few reviews; Track 4: 'Breezeblocks' is my number one. The haunting melody and crooning lyrics from the beginning blend seamlessly into a strong, rumbling drum beat and at the end slip again into an almost comforting and almost Muse like sound. It's bright and although the lyrics seem un-understandable, they work well with the quickly paced song. It's by far my favourite on the disc mainly because of its movement between slow and fast, hard drums and soft cymbals. The juxtaposition is beautiful.


Track 8: 'Matilda' I was slightly unsure of. It just seemed not quite right to me. However, it has started to grow on me so we'll see how it goes. What you do have to watch out for are the random little musical interludes which jump out of nowhere. They're sweet, but kinda pointless. Which annoys me a bit as well as the fact I can never tell where they're coming and I'm just like 'gharr!' Then again, that's probably just me...


I haven't got a flying firetruck what the thing on the front cover is meant to be. It might be a river, it could be trees, it could be something else entirely. It doesn't particularly stand out on the shelf, the colours are dark but add to the eerie nature of the album with its haunting lyrics. In the booklet, it's just words and no images but the font is large and clear making it easy to read and the song titles are in a bold font making them almost jump from the page. This is mirrored on the back. Everything is very uniform and correct. However, what really gets on my wick is the lack of a track numbering system. I feel it could really do with one, especially with them sneaking little changeover musical interludes in there. Just keep an eye out as it’s sometimes not the song you think it is.

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