Tuesday, 8 January 2013

#Cut4Bieber- true trend or hoax?

I quite literally just found out about this story now, but felt so moved that I had to express my views on the matter. After it was reported that Justin Bieber had allegedly been smoking marijuana, a trend started on twitter called #Cut4Bieber attached with alleged pictures of his 'fans' self-harming. It was a bid to stop him from doing such things. Some show ketchup bottles, whilst others show razors. Whether the trend is real or not, the fact it exists is concerning, is it not? If it is not true (which I sincerely hope it is not) it highlights the increasing trend of internet trolls who do not appreciate the sinister effects of their actions. Whether it is a hoax or not, the existence of this issue at all really matters.


If it's true, I'm not entirely sure what to say. To cut as a mode of protest against cannabis use disregards the seriousness of many self harms cases in one way- for self harm is rarely a form of protest. More importantly, it ignores each individual's right to choose to live the way they wish. Such an extreme action, as a form of protest to Bieber's choice of living is a form of social coercion. Admittedly an action so horrifying might perhaps even 'work', but it simply isn't fair. The popstar is a role model, but he is also a person like any other. If one really does feel so strong against his actions, I would urge them to protest in different ways. If they believe Bieber is causing a harm to society by smoking (most importantly 'reportedly' smoking) marijuana, they must also consider that their actions too are a form of harm.


The media seems to find this the most probable circumstance, and to be honest (whilst a relief) it is still entirely disturbing. I'm a fan of tolerance in comedy, but not in a case like this. This is not comedy. For me, it's wrong, and sinister. Self harm is serious, and to publicise such mockery totally disregards the true consequences of self abuse. People actually suffer from self harm- it is not a made up thing perfect for comical usage- and thus such mockery is entirely disrespectful. To allow people to do this, to tolerate it, is to dismiss the consequences of their actions- it could even make it deemed right. More importantly, there have been two reported 'victims' of the trend, again if this is another 'joke', doesn't it seem sick to play with death?

My view is not necessarily right, but I felt the need to air it. For discussion more than anything. I wanted to bring the issue itself to light mainly because in the process of making this post I asked a few people whether they had heard about the trend and they had not. To publicise celebrity gossip myself does not particularly interest me, but this for me is not gossip. It's a very important topic which merely involves a celebrity. The topic at heart is important.

Mind is a charity which deals with self-harm. For further information on understanding the issue of self harm further, please visit their website.

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Victoria Jane. said...

I saw horrific photos, it so stupid. These girls need to grow up, if they're lying about doing it, it's sick. People suffer with self harm and it's a serious matter, and if they're actually cutting themselves over someone elses actions, they need to grow up and get their priorities straight!

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