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Date ettiquette, oh, what to do?

Yay, Belle's contribution to Genie's post, I'm sure she'll appreciate the captions (FYI, for any of you gullible lot, the left hand caption isn't necessarily true, I know nothing of Genie's technique...)^

New Year is here and this may be the year for a new guy (or girl). That best friend you have been in love with for years now has just realised that you were the person for them all along and finally asked you out or the new hunk in class just couldn't resist your beauty. Or maybe it will be something less fairytale.. It really doesn't matter who it is, the first date is always nerve wrecking and something you just don't want to mess up. You want to be yourself but how much of yourself should you actually be? Oh, the stress! You don't want to be too forward but then you don't want to be called frigid. There is a thin line to tread for the first date but I hopefully I can make it just that bit easier to balance it for you all- to settle those first date nerves.


How you present yourself at first is very important, so a greeting can make the date awkward or start the ball rolling. Personally, I would give a hug. It shows that you're friendly and that you actually want to be on the date. However from a survey (information kindly given to me from Belle) a handshake gives of a better impression and lead to a more successful date. For a sixthformer I just find this odd. I only shake hands with adults I have just met and am not comfortable with yet, so I'm still opting for a hug


I put this in because next to the cinema, the dinner date is the most common first date and therefore one I think us girls would have an issue with. So, what do we order? I shall give another fact here: out of salad, pasta and steak women normally choose pasta. I ask you now do not choose pasta. It can get messy and its just not a very ladylike thing to eat- I'm obviously referring mostly to stringy, long pasta. It's won't be a remake of 'lady and the tramp'. Most guys would prefer to see their girl order a steak (I doubt this is sixth formers). It shows the guy that you do eat, you don't want to give off the vibe that you are completely obssessed with how many calories you consume in a day.


Many people say the best relationships start from friendships, so talk to them as if they are a new friend. If you go to the same school starting off with the latest school gossip is always good. In my opinion boys can be the gossipiest people on earth. Now I know that some guys hate gossip, so just ask them about themselves. What do they do for fun? What's their favourite film? After the intial awkard moments I'm sure that the conversation will just flow. The more you try and force a converstaion the worse its going to get. Just let it come naturally because I promise it will.


I am the most old fashioned girl when it comes to dating. I believe the guy should always make the first move and with that pay the bills but I know that's being really unrealistic. Many guys, espically teenage guys don't think that. (I'm sorry for genralising but it is true). So expect to pay your side. However when the bill comes and you see he is paying make sure you make a comment about it, saying oh you really didn't have too. You've got to show the guy you're grateful, right?


The goodbye is just as important as the hello. Now for a first date a hug would be perfect but there is no rule that a kiss is not allowed. I'm sure the guy would not be complaining at all. However when I say kiss, I do mean a full-on make out session- that would be too much. You yourself might not be comfortable with a kiss on the first date. So if a guy does go in for a kiss a simple move of a head to the cheek works brilliantly. If the date went well say that you enjoyed yourself and you'd like to do it again and hope that he phones/texts you.


NIKA said...

Lovely post:)


P.S.: I'm too an old fashioned girl:)

Wanischa said...

I find hugging as a greeting way too weird for first meeting but I'd use that as a goodbye.
A girl should 'fight' for the bill (like in HIMYM), even if the guy do pay it at the end, just give better impression.

Great post.

Nicola Teague said...

I love kissing on the cheeks. I always find that really sophisticated and the boy will reciprocate by paying the bills (if they too are the good old fashioned romances which in my experience I find most to secretly be).

@ohsokitsch #osk

Amaechi Nwafor said...

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catherinelouise said...

Thank you for my comment, I love your blog. You've just gained a new follower - hope you'll follow me back!
I love this. I hate hate hate first dates with a passion, they're so cringe-y. As I'm no longer a teenager and only date real men with real jobs, I find that I'm allowed to expect them to pay, or there is no second date haha!

Lots of love, Catherine x

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